Ensasa's Catalyst Shop

Ensasa's Catalyst Shop

Ensasa owns this shop on the Waters. While her daughter runs around outside, advertising, Ensasa rakes in the gil selling goods, both general and unusual. Many common items can be found here, and some quite esoteric ones as well.

Location: Windurst Waters (H-9) (North)

Shop type: Goods Shop



   Citizen: Windurstians Only
   Conquest: Windurst, 1st

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: Windurst, 1st, 2nd

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: Windurst, Any rank

Upih Khachla

   Citizen: Windurstians Only
   Conquest: Windurst 1st

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: Windurst 1st/2nd

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: Windurst 1st/2nd/3rd

  • Living Key 5,520 - 6,240 (not available in 1st place) (only available in 3rd placeExclamation)
  • Thief's Tools 3,643 - 4,356 (available in 1st place) (available in 2nd & 3rd place Exclamation)


Name Purpose
Khuta Colaara
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