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Action Residual enmity Temporary enmity
Warcry 1 ~320
Boost 1 ~320
Provoke 1 ~1800
Invincible 1 ~7200
Flash 180 ~1280
Stun 180 ~1250
Sleep 320 ~300
Sleep II 480  ?
Sleepga 180  ?
Blind 1 ~640
(initial) 200 ~900
Last Resort 1 ~1300
Souleater 1 ~1300
Losing Utsusemi Shadow -25 ~0
Cure I..IV on LV75 0.7275 x HP healed ~3..4.4 x HP healed

Temporary enmity decay = ~60 points/sec


Min. Max.
Residual enmity 1 10000
Temporary enmity 0 or 1 10000


  • Total enmity = residual enmity + temporary enmity. The mobs use the total enmity to decide who to attack.
  • Receiving damage lowers residual enmity but not temporary enmity.
  • Evading or getting hit for 0 damage, even as a result of having phalanx or stoneskin, doesn't affect enmity.
  • Almost all actions generate at least 1 point of residual enmity.
  • The stat 'Enmity' multiplies the amount of enmity gain by (1 + Enmity / 100).
  • The enmity generated from cure spells is based on the amount of HP healed and the level of the target.
  • The enmity of spells/abilities that affect more than one player (Warcry, Mazurka, ...) is increased by a factor of the number of players hit by the spell/ability.
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