Mission Name: Enemy of the Empire (I)
Start NPC: None
Requirements: A Shantotto Ascension Add-On
Suggested Level: None
Title: None
Items Needed: Soultrapper or Soultrapper 2000 and Blank Soul Plate (see below)
Repeatable: Yes
Reward Black Book

Previous Mission: Sugar-coated Directive
Next Mission: Enemy of the Empire (II)
  Replay Cutscene   


  • NOTICE - Soultrapper cannot be used while under the effect of Sneak or Invisible.

Game Description

Mission Orders

Seeking to usurp the Tenshodo as the underworld's foremost supplier of contraband, Domina Shantotto requires that you remove its leader, Aldo, from the picture. A clandestine meeting between you and the target has been arranged in the Gustav Tunnel. All that is needed to initiate contact is a black book, acquirable from Andrause in Norg.

Game Script

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