Mission Name Enemy of the Empire (I)
Number 5
Items Needed Soultrapper or Soultrapper 2000 and Blank Soul Plate (see below)
Reward Black Book
Repeatable Yes
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Sugar-coated Directive Enemy of the Empire (II)


After completing all the missions of A Shantotto Ascension, one can purchase the Black Book from Squintrox Dryeyes in Port Jeuno instead of taking the photos for this quest.

  • Andrause will not accept pictures of monsters taken outside of Sea Serpent Grotto.
  • He will give you a specific list of targets for you to take pictures of.
  • He will offer to sell you a Soultrapper and a stack of Blank Soul Plates for 800 gil.
  • After purchasing one, Andrause will ask you to wait until the next shipment arrives for another. (which means waiting until after japanese midnight ~Zazhi, sylph)
  • If a new one is for some reason needed sooner, one can purchase a Soultrapper & Blank Soul Plates from Zandjarl at (F-7) of The Colosseum of Aht Urhgan Whitegate.
  • To take a picture, equip the Soultrapper into your ranged slot, and the Blank Soul Plates into your ammo slot. You can then use the Soultrapper via the inventory onto a target, or alternatively, use a macro line /item "Soultrapper" <t> or any equivalent.
  • The Soultrapper cannot be used while under the effect of Sneak or Invisible.
  • Some monsters can only be found behind doors requiring certain beastcoins for entry:
  • Some pictures of monsters that are behind gates can be obtained by looking over ledges without actually going through a door.
  • You don't need actually to take the photo yourself. Another character (party member) can take the photo, trade it to you, and then you can turn in the plate.
  • Trade the pictures one at a time to Andrause, to obtain the Black Book.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Seeking to usurp the Tenshodo as the underworld's foremost supplier of contraband, Domina Shantotto requires that you remove its leader, Aldo, from the picture. A clandestine meeting between you and the target has been arranged in the Gustav Tunnel. All that is needed to initiate contact is a black book, acquirable from Andrause in Norg.
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