Start NPC Octavien Eastern Adoulin (I-8)
Requirements Rune Fencer Level 66+
Items Needed Key Item"Ephemeral Endeavor"
Title Granted Trialed-and-True Runeist
Repeatable Yes, for no reward
(speak to Octavien and say you would like to clash swords with Braga again)
Reward Key Item"Enlightened Endeavor"
Level limit 75 and 3000 bayld
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Children of the Rune Forging New Bonds (AF)
New Worlds Await (Genkai)


Notice: This quest does not need to be completed (for level limit increasing) if the quest New Worlds Await (or higher) has already been completed.

Game Description

Octavien (Sverdhried Hillock, Eastern Adoulin)
Those who have attained a certain degree in the runic arts are oft asked to undergo the "Trial of Reason," which is held in the subterranean Watergarden Coliseum. Clash swords with one of the Order of Orvail's finest and fulfil your destiny.