Encumberment blocks use of all 16 equipment slots. Equipment slots are unlocked when certain cells are used. The Encumberment status effect leaves when all 16 equipment slots are unlocked.

Item Effect
Pathos: Encumberment
Incus Cell Unlocks weapons and shields
Castellanus Cell Unlocks head and neck equipment
Undulatus Cell Unlocks ranged and ammo equipment
Cumulus Cell Unlocks body equipment
Radiatus Cell Unlocks hand equipment
Virga Cell Unlocks earring and ring equipment
Cirrocumulus Cell Unlocks back and waist equipment
Stratus Cell Unlocks leg and feet equipment

Historical Background

Encumberment means burdened (either with a heavy weight or something metaphorical, like obligations or responsibilities) or it means having one’s performance or ability to act impeded or hindered in some way.

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