Empty Thrash

Delivers an area of attack attack. Accuracy varies with TP.


Spell cost: 33 MP
Monster Type: Craver
Spell Type: Physical (Slashing)
Blue Magic Points: 3
Stat Bonus: STR+3 CHR-2

  • Blue Mage Level 87
  • Effect is a forward-conal area attack.


Casting Time: 0.5 secondsVerification Needed
Recast Time: 38 secondsVerification Needed

Combines With...

Empty Thrash can be paired with either one of the following spells to create the Double Attack trait or all of the following spells to create the Triple Attack trait:


  • Secondary modifiers: STR: 50%

Skillchain Element = Compression / Scission

Monster Description

  • Family: Craver
  • Type: Physical
  • Can be dispelled: N/A
  • Utsusemi/Blink absorb: 1 shadow
  • Range: Melee

Acquired From

Mob Family: Craver
Minimum Blue Mage Level To Acquire: 79 with Magus Jubbah equipped
Name Level Zone
Craver 29-40 Promyvion - Mea
52-60 Promyvion - Vahzl
Coveter (NM) Unknown Spire of Mea
Solicitor (NM) Unknown Promyvion - Vahzl
Cumulator (NM) Unknown Spire of Vahzl
Hungerer (VNM) 79-80+ Abyssea - Tahrongi
Yearner (VNM) Unknown Abyssea - Tahrongi
Usurper (VNM) Unknown Abyssea - Tahrongi
Warder of Mercy (NM) Unknown Escha - Ru'Aun