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[[Image:Empress-Band.jpg|Empress Band]]
[[Image:Empress-Band.jpg|Empress Band]]

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Empress Band


Enchantment: Experience Point Bonus: +50%

Max Charges: 7
Reuse Timer: 16 hours
Equip Delay: 15 seconds

Maximum Duration: 180 min.
Maximum Bonus: 1,000 exp

Slot: Ring
Races: All
Jobs: All
Level to Use: 1

Additional Information:

  • This item can be recharged by trading it to one of your nation's conquest guards (including outpost guards) for 100 CP per charge.
  • You cannot purchase it if you already possess a similar item.
  • You can only purchase or recharge it (or a similar item) one time per conquest results tally.
  • Tip for getting a double use from it
    • First Never refill it when it's only partly used let it get down to 1/7
    • When you get there that will be your first of the double. But you must use it before you leave town with that PT
    • The Ring will now be 0/7 But it's recast will be 0:00:00 refill it to 7/7 and head off with your PT
    • 3000exp later/or 3h if you're PT is slow you have the full ring rdy to pop again ^.^ and enjoy

Other Uses

Guild Points Value: None

Used in Quests: None

Synthesis Recipes


Used in Recipes


Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained From Desynthesis


How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Cannot be auctioned

Conquest Points

Nation Placement Rank Cost
Bastok Any Any 1,000 CP
San d'Oria Any Any 1,000 CP
Windurst Any Any 1,000 CP
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