Start NPC Esha'ntarl (A) - Hall of the Gods
Repeatable No
Reward Key ItemAbyssite of Discernment
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Death and Rebirth Beneath a Blood-red Sky


  • Defeat all 6 known subspecies of caturae.
  • Obtaining the title associated with each NM is necessary to advance.
    • Players must be within experience points range when it is defeated in order to receive the title. K.O.'d players will still receive the title.
    • It is possible to defeat any or all caturae before the start of this quest. If you have done this, you may check if you have the title(s) by talking with the bard npc Zuah Lepahnyu in Port Jeuno (J-8)- next to the Kazham Airship entrance. But you do not need to re-equip each title to advance the quest.

Game Description

Esha'ntarl (A) (Hall of the Gods)
The enigmatic caturae are suspected to hold the key to gaining access to Al'Taieu, the celestial capital. Defeat all six known species, that the door to salvation might be cast opened!