Start NPC Fari-Wari - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (Shararat Teahouse)
Requirements Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Gadalar present in Al Zahbi
Items Needed Hydrangea
Title Granted Flameserpent Facilitator
Repeatable No
Reward 500 Imperial Standing
Imperial Gold Piece
After completion:
Trust: Gadalar
Mercenary Camp Entry
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Soothing Waters None


  • Talk to Fari-Wari at Shararat Teahouse for first cutscene.
  • Obtain a Hydrangea.
    • Dropped by Hilltrolls in Mount Zhayolm. You will need to pass through either of the Gates of Halvung to access them. Passing through the gates requires checking the gate first, remaining in the zone, and then finding a Cast Metal Plate to pass through. See the map for spawn locations.
    • So far it has only been confirmed that Hilltroll Warrior, Hilltroll Red Mage and Hilltroll Dark Knight can drop the Hydrangea.
  • Go to Mount Zhayolm and click on Sprightly Footsteps near the zone to Halvung (L-7) (between 18:00-06:00).
  • Now go to the cliff nearby and click on Withered Petals (L-6) just north-east of the unnamed target for Rock Bottom (between 18:00-06:00). Long cutscene (at least 4m:30s).
  • After the cutscene you'll end up in Aht Urhgan Whitegate
  • Trade the Hydrangea to Fari-Wari for another cutscene (minimum 2m:00s). After the cutscene he will return the Hydrangea to you.
  • Head back to Mount Zhayolm and trade the Hydrangea to the Withered Petals (L-6), again a long cutscene (minimum 8m:00s).
  • Return to Fari-Wari for final cutscene (minimum 3m:00s) and reward.

Trust: Gadalar

Mercenary Camp

  • After the quest is complete, wait until the next game day and talk to Fari-Wari again. You will receive a Mercenary Camp Entry slip granting you a one time access to the Mercenary Camp BC previously only accessible to FanFest attendees. You must be at least as far as ToAU:Mission 19 to get this item.

Note: Flameserpent General Gadalar must be in the Commoner's Ward/Al Zahbi (H-7) for this quest to be accessible or completable (including receiving the Mercenary Camp Entry slip). If he is being held prisoner talking to Fari-Wari will not lead to a cutscene.

Game Description

Fari-Wari (Shararat Teahouse, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
Fari-Wari is seeking inspiration for his latest masterpiece, but things get messy when his would-be protagonist is put on trial for a bizarre crime...