The Island of Elshimo lies off the south eastern shore of the continent of Mindartia. Reachable only by airship from Jeuno (requires an Airship pass for Kazham) , Teleport or Outpost Teleportation, it is a mini-continent on its own. The island is divided into two regions, Elshimo Uplands and Elshimo Lowlands.

Elshimo Uplands:
This region rests on the upper eastern half of Elshimo Island. Aside from a volcanic area known as Ifrit's Cauldron in the north, the landscape is mostly blanketed with a tropical rainforest that is home to the deadly Tonberries . The mere presence of these beastmen is enough to shun away all but the bravest adventurers.

Elshimo Lowlands
Compared to the Elshimo Uplands, this region rests fairly close to sea level. With the exception of the volcanoes in the north, the area is characterized by its wide expanses of thick jungle. Due to the conflicting motives of the three main inhabitants of the region - the Mithra of Kazham, the Pirates of Norg, and the savage Sahagin - the lowlands are often wrapped in turmoil.