Start NPC Sylvie Western Adoulin (I-5)
Requirements Geomancer 66+
Items Needed Key Item Vessel of summoning
Title Granted Geomancipator
Repeatable No
Reward Level limit 75 or 3000 bayld
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Dances with Luopans For Whom the Bell Tolls (AF)
New Worlds Await (Genkai)


Notice: This quest does not need to be completed (for level limit increasing) if the quest New Worlds Await (or higher) has already been completed.

  • Speak to Sylvie at (I-5) in Western Adoulin (Waypoint Adoulin Waterfront) as a Geomancer level 66 or higher to begin the quest. NOTE: Should you not have your original handbell on you, she may ask you to purchase a new one for 300,000 gil or 150,000 baylds. Quit the dialog and try again for the quest.
  • Go to Morimar Basalt Fields at Frontier Bivouac #1 and talk to Dabnorrin for cutscene with Hostenn and a Key ItemVessel of summoning
  • Go to the Primordial Convergence near the Ergon Locus at Snowdrift Arbor (K-6). Examine the Primordial Convergence as a Geomancer to spawn Burgeoning Flames.
    • You have 10 minutes after popping to defeat the NM. If you die or run out of time, you can obtain another Key ItemVessel of summoning from Dabnorrin
    • All buffs, including those from geomancy spells, will be lost as this is a Sub-Job restricted fight.
    • You may call trusts after you pop the NM, but before attacking it. It won't attack you, until you attack in some manner, such as Geo-Malaise.
  • After defeating the Burgeoning Flames, check the Primordial Convergeance to receive your reward.
    • If this is your first Limit Break quest, your level limit is raised to 75.
    • You receive 3000 bayld.

Game Description

Sylvie (Adoulin Waterfront Western Adoulin)
Sylvie's father, Hostenn, has volunteered to give you advanced geomancy lessons. Find him in the first frontier bivouac in Morimar Basalt Fields, and you may learn something that will further the limits of your geomantic prowess.