Removed from the game in March 2012 when Avatar Perpetuation Cost was reduced for spirits. It has been replaced by Summoning Magic Cast Time in Summoner's Group 1 merits.

Merit Point Enhancement

  • Category: Job-specific - Group 1 (Summoner)
  • Limit: 5 levels (Merit Point progression: 1>2>3>4>5 = 15 Points total)
  • Description: Each level of this merit category reduced the perpetuation cost required to maintain Elemental Spirits by 1 MP per tick per level, to a maximum reduction of -5 MP per tick at level 5.
  • Further Notes:
    • This only applied to the eight spirits, not avatars.
    • Five levels of this merit reduced the perpetuation cost of spirits to to 13MP per tick at 75--the same as regular avatars.