Dragoon wyvern ability: Level 1

Trigger support jobs:
Attacker Type Wyvern: Warrior, Monk, Thief, Beastmaster, Ranger, Samurai, Corsair, Puppetmaster, Dancer
Hybrid Type Wyvern: Paladin, Dark Knight, Ninja, Bard, Rune Fencer


Triggers when the dragoon uses the weapon skill.

The element of the breath is random, but there is usually a good chance that it will use one that the mob is weak to.

The different types of breath are:

  • Flame Breath - Fire damage
  • Frost Breath - Ice damage
  • Sand Breath - Earth damage
  • Hydro Breath - Water damage
  • Gust Breath - Wind damage
  • Lightning Breath - Lightning damage


-The formula for calculating Elemental Breath is (Current Wyvern HP * 0.182)

- With Wyrm Armet the formula is (Current Wyvern HP * 0.212)

-Deep Breathing changes the formula to (Current Wyvern HP * 0.364)

-A level 75 Dragoon's Wyvern has 991 HP.Thus the cap at 75 without additional Wyvern HP equipment is 180.

-Like all breath spells in the game, Elemental Breaths are subject to 1/2 resists, 1/4 resists, 1/6 resists, 1/8 resists.

-Elemental Breath ignores statistics such as Magic Defense Bonus in calculating damage.

-Elemental Breath may be used in a Magic Burst, and will do so whenever the appropriate skillchain is closed by the Dragoon.