Start NPC Despachiaire - Tavnazian Safehold (K-10)
Repeatable No
Reward Elegant Ribbon
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Secrets of Ovens Lost None


  • When Para is at 10-50% of it's health, it will replicate itself when it uses a TP move if not defeated quickly. It is helpful to save MP or TP to do large damage once it reaches low HP.
  • The first incarnation and all of its replications can easily be disposed of by most 70+ jobs.
  • Although no more than three to four copies seem to be up at a given time (there may be a limit), there is no known limit to the total number of times it can replicate itself. A reasonable source of spike damage is necessary for this fight.
  • The replications are exact copies with the same amount of Max HP and strength.
  • The NM seems to be around the same strength as Funguars in the area but with substantially more HP.
  • Para cannot be slept using Lullaby.

Game Description

Despachiaire (Elders' Quarters, Tavnazia)
Despachiaire has asked you to investigate the origin of his late wife's amulet.
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