«FFXI-Movie» Einherjar

«FFXI-Movie» Einherjar

Game Script

Einherjar - Nashmau
Kilusha glares at you.

Kilusha: Ah, finally someone who may be of use.

Kilusha: Might you be one of those self-proclaimed adventurers?

Kilusha: Excellent...
Now lend me your ears for a moment, and I shall let you in on a proposition that is sure to benefit the both of us.

Kilusha: To the west of this dreary village lies the infamous Hazhalm Testing Grounds, currently off-limits to all but the Empire's highest-ranking officials.

Kilusha: And why has the research facility been shut down, you ask?

Kilusha: Once, long ago, a tiny "portal" was accidentally opened during one of our experiments.

Kilusha: Oh, nothing drastic occurred, just a few "mice" slipped through the gate before the scientists closed it back up.

Kilusha: However, instead of attempting to solve the insignificant problem that arose, the witless Imperial officials simply sealed off the facilities rather than admit they had done anything wrong.

Kilusha: A travesty to science, if you ask me.

Kilusha: I, personally, was on the verge of deciphering the paradigm of Life, when they forced me from my research. They did not even allow me to gather my notes!

Kilusha: Just one more step... One more step and I would have reached the realm of the gods!

Kilusha: But thanks to the blundering of the Empire's pawns, the realization of Paradise has been thrust back centuries!

Kilusha: And that is why I require your assistance in regaining access to the grounds.

Kilusha: Your job is simple.

Kilusha: You need merely travel to the sealed facilities and rid it of its pest problem.

Kilusha: Now let me explain how you are to go about doing so...

Kilusha: The seal upon Hazhalm is of a powerful magic.

Kilusha: However, through my studies of "mice" retina, I have discovered a type of light that can temporarily reduce the potency of the seal, allowing one to pass beyond it.

Kilusha: Using this special smouldering lamp at the gates to the testing grounds will grant you entrance into the facilities.

Kilusha: And the lamp is yours for just a mere 180000 gil.

Kilusha: You question my motives for this request of remuneration when it is you who will be doing the work?

Kilusha: To question is to learn... You may have the potential to become a fine alchemist.

Kilusha: But that is not what you wish to know, is it?
Well, then let me put it simply--what if you were to take this expensive lamp down to the local market and peddle it off to the highest bidder? Just as you question my motives, I am inclined to question yours.

Kilusha: And so the fee I require for the lamp can be thought of as insurance: a piece of good mind, you might say.

Kilusha: Ah yes, but unlike us scientists, striving to help a fellow neighbor out of the goodness of one's heart is not the way of the adventurer, now, is it?

Kilusha: But you need worry not. Do recall I said this endeavor would benefit both of us.

Kilusha: Each of the vermin that scampers about the testing grounds' chambers can be identified by a unique code contained within its blood cells.

Kilusha: Bringing the blood of your victims back here will prove to me that you have eradicated them.

Kilusha: Based on the number of ampoules you bring, I can reward you accordingly.

Kilusha: And no, the compensation I offer in return for your services does not consist of worthless pennies of bronze, silver, or mythril.

Kilusha: I know you adventurers, and I know the treasures you desire. I have collected a fine assortment of items that are most certain to whet the appetite of any seeking something unique. So, have I piqued your interest in my proposal?

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