Ebon Key
This ancient key has been weathered by the years, save for the single flawless onyx that gleams softly from its resting place in the grip.
Used In Mission:
After the mission battlefield fight.
Examining the Treasure Coffer in the Tenshodo HQ in Lower Jeuno with this key item in your possession will grant you one random item.(see below).

Possible Rewards

Item Abundance
Angel's Ring Augmented 3.1%Warning(3.1%)
Death Ring Augmented 5.1%Warning(5.1%)
Diamond Ring Augmented 9.2%Warning(9.2%)
Emerald Ring Augmented 5.1%Warning(5.1%)
Ruby Ring Augmented 7.1%Warning(7.1%)
Sapphire Ring Augmented 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Spinel Ring Augmented 10.2%Warning(10.2%)
Topaz Ring Augmented 4.1%Warning(4.1%)
Adaman Ingot 1%Warning(1%)
Angelstone 3.1%Warning(3.1%)
Darksteel Ore 2%Warning(2%)
Deathstone 3.1%Warning(3.1%)
Diamond 4.1%Warning(4.1%)
Emerald 1%Warning(1%)
Hi-Ether +3 7.1%Warning(7.1%)
Hi-Potion +3 7.1%Warning(7.1%)
Orichalcum Ore 2%Warning(2%)
Platinum Ore 1%Warning(1%)
Ruby 2%Warning(2%)
Sapphire 2%Warning(2%)
Scroll of Cure V 4.1%Warning(4.1%)
Scroll of Shell IV 2%Warning(2%)
Scroll of Thunder III 2%Warning(2%)
Spinel 2%Warning(2%)
Topaz 2%Warning(2%)
Vile Elixir 5.1%Warning(5.1%)
Scroll of Raise III 1%Warning(1%)

Possible Augments

Item Augments
Angel's Ring

[Ring] All Races
CHR+4 Trans Light+9
Lv.72 All Jobs

Enmity -0~2
HP +0~20
CHR +1
Accuracy +2~6
Pet: Accuracy +1~4, Ranged Accuracy +1~4
Accuracy -4, Defense -13
Death Ring

[Ring] All Races
MP+8 Trans Dark+9
Lv.72 All Jobs

Trans Light -0~30
CHR -0~3
MP +0~20
Defense +0~7
Evasion +0~5
Enmity +1
Diamond Ring

[Ring] All Races
INT+4 Trans Ice+9
Lv.72 All Jobs

Trans Fire -0~30
STR -0~5
MP +0~10
AGI +0~3
INT +1
MND +0~2
Emerald Ring

[Ring] All Races
AGI+4 Trans Wind+9
Lv.72 All Jobs

Trans Water -0~30 Exclamation (Trans Ice -0~30?)
INT -0~5
HP +0~9
STR +0~2
VIT +0~3
AGI +1
Ruby Ring

[Ring] All Races
STR+4 Trans Fire+9
Lv.72 All Jobs

Trans Water -0~30
MND -0~2
HP +0~10
STR +1
DEX +0~2
INT +0~3
Sapphire Ring

[Ring] All Races
MND+4 Trans Water+9
Lv.72 All Jobs

Trans Lightning -0~30
MP +0~10
STR -1~+3
DEX -1~4
MND +1
CHR +0~3
Spinel Ring

[Ring] All Races
DEX+4 Trans Lightning+9
Lv.72 All Jobs

Trans Earth -0~30
HP +0~10
DEX +1
VIT -0~1
AGI +0~2
MND +0~3
Accuracy +1
Subtle Blow +0~2
Pet: Accuracy +0~2, Ranged Accuracy +0~2
Topaz Ring

[Ring] All Races
VIT+4 Trans Earth+9
Lv.72 All Jobs

Trans Wind -0~30
AGI -0~6
Trans Earth +0~9
HP +0~10
DEX +0~2
VIT +1
INT +0~3


Ebon describes something that is black in color or made with ebony.

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