Start NPC Tosuka-Porika - Windurst Waters (G-8, in Eastern Opistery)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 2
Items Needed Silver Beastcoin
Title Granted Savior of Knowledge
Repeatable No
Reward 1,500 Gil
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Glyph Hanger Chasing Tales


  • You must zone after completing the previous quest before you can start this quest. Quest cannot be started if you are currently on Lost for Words or The Sixth Ministry.
  • Talk to Tosuka-Porika.
  • After you accept the quest, talk to Furakku-Norakku, behind the counter in the same room, who gives you an "Overdue Book Notification" (key item).
  • Orn can be found in Hostelry Room #2 above the Timbre Timbers Tavern at (F-10). After talking with him, you can ask Furakku-Norakku for an extension, but it isn't necessary.
  • To save time, you may wish to purchase or obtain a Silver Beastcoin before proceeding. You may also wish to flag the quest A Crisis in the Making before heading out, as this quest also requires you to go to the Treasure Room in Giddeus.
  • Head to Giddeus and go down one level through a side tunnel at G-8 or I-8. The Yagudo in the tunnels can drop Silver Beastcoins. Only Yagudo Mendicant and Yagudo Persecutor drop the coins.
  • Head to (G-6) on the 2nd map, where the Treasure Room is. Find Quu Bokye, talk to him, and trade him the Silver Beastcoin.

Game Description

Tosuka-Porika (Optistery, Windurst Waters)
The Library of Magic wants you to help retrieve its overdue library books. In this case, a Hume by the name of Orn has checked out the book "Art for Everyone," but has failed to return it by the due date.
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