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Zone Information
Area Name Dynamis - Xarcabard
Type Outdoors
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous Able to use Tractor
Trans Dark

Trans Dark

Region Dynamis
Expansion Rise of the Zilart
Requirements Level 65
Key ItemHydra Corps Insignia
Key Item Prismatic Hourglass
Restrictions 1 hour time limit
Background music "Awakening"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

Entered via Trail Markings at Xarcabard (J-9)

Requirements Defeat Dynamis Lord
Title Granted Dynamis - Xarcabard Interloper
Repeatable Once per Earth day, resetting at Japanese Midnight
Reward Key ItemHydra Corps Battle Standard
  Ability to purchase Key ItemAtma of the Rescuer


  Ancient Currency:   One Byne Bill
  One Hundred Byne Bill
  Tukuku Whiteshell
  Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
  Ordelle Bronzepiece
  Montiont Silverpiece
  Items:   Infinity Core
  Sparkling Stone
  Copy of "Ginuva's Battle Theory"
  Copy of "Schultz Stratagems"
  Shard of Necropsyche (Vanguard Dragon Only)
  Shadow Mantle (Dynamis Lord Only)
  Shadow Ring (Dynamis Lord Only)
  Fragments:   Celestial Fragment (Staff)
  Demoniac Fragment (Katana)
  Divine Fragment (Great Katana)
  Ethereal Fragment (Marksmanship)
  Heavenly Fragment (Club)
  Holy Fragment (Sword)
  Intricate Fragment (Great Sword)
  Mysterial Fragment (Instrument)
  Mystic Fragment (Hand-to-Hand)
  Ornate Fragment (Dagger)
  Runaeic Fragment (Axe)
  Seraphic Fragment (Great Axe)
  Snarled Fragment (Archery)
  Stellar Fragment (Polearm)
  Supernal Fragment (Shield)
  Tenebrous Fragment (Scythe)
  Relic Armor:   Warrior's Lorica (WAR Body)
  Melee Crown (MNK Head)
  Cleric's Mitts (WHM Hands)
  Sorcerer's Petasos (BLM Head)
  Duelist's Chapeau (RDM Head)
  Assassin's Armlets (THF Hands)
  Valor Surcoat (PLD Body)
  Abyss Burgeonet (DRK Head)
  Monster Gloves (BST Hands)
  Bard's Cannions (BRD Legs)
  Scout's Jerkin (RNG Body)
  Saotome Kabuto (SAM Head)
  Koga Tekko (NIN Hands)
  Wyrm Armet (DRG Head)
  Summoner's Horn (SMN Head)
  Mirage Keffiyeh (BLU Head)
  Commodore Tricorne (COR Head)
  Pantin Taj (PUP Head)
  Etoile Casaque (DNC Body)
  Argute Mortarboard (SCH Head)

Monsters Found Here[]

Note: All monsters link. Regular Kindred monsters may drop up to two relic armors.

Simulacra - Kindred - Animated Weapons - Dragons - Dynamis Lord


Name Type Notes
Icon Prototype Yagudo 10 Minute Time Extension H-8
Effigy Prototype Quadav 10 Minute Time Extension G-10
Tombstone Prototype Orc 10 Minute Time Extension I-10
Statue Prototype Goblin 10 Minute Time Extension F-8


Name Job Notes
Vanguard Eye Ahriman Casts Black Mage spells.
Prototype Eye Ahriman 20 min time extension
Kindred Bard Bard
Kindred Beastmaster
Kindred's Vouivre
Kindred Black Mage Black Mage Manafont
Kindred Dark Knight Dark Knight Blood Weapon
Kindred Dragoon
Kindred's Wyvern
Dragoon Wyvern has MP
Kindred Monk Monk Hundred Fists can be very dangerous
Kindred Ninja Ninja Beware of Mijin Gakure
Kindred Paladin Paladin
Kindred Ranger Ranger Uses Eagle Eye Shot
Kindred Red Mage Red Mage
Kindred Samurai Samurai
Kindred Summoner
Kindred's Avatar
Summoner Keep avatar asleep when Astral Flow goes off.
Kindred Thief Thief
Kindred Warrior Warrior
Kindred White Mage White Mage
Name Job Position
Count Zaebos Warrior (H-8)
Duke Berith Red Mage (H-8)
Marquis Decarabia Bard (H-8)
Duke Gomory Monk (G-8)
Marquis Andras
Andras's Vouivre
Beastmaster (G-8)
Prince Seere White Mage (G-8)
Duke Scox Dark Knight (G-9)
Marquis Gamygyn Ninja (G-9)
Marquis Orias Black Mage (G-9)
Count Raum Thief (G-8)
Marquis Nebiros
Nebiros's Avatar
Summoner (G-8)
Marquis Sabnak Paladin (G-8)
Count Vine Samurai (G-8)
King Zagan
Zagan's Wyvern
Dragoon (G-8)
Marquis Cimeries Ranger (G-8)
Name Job Position
Duke Haures Red Mage/Bard (J-7)
Marquis Caim Beastmaster/Ninja (J-6)
Baron Avnas Thief/Dark Knight (I-6)
Count Haagenti Paladin/Summoner (F-7)


  • The Dark Kindred use their normal abilities, plus Condemnation and Quadrastrike.
  • Kindred run twice as fast as players, running at flee speed.
  • The Kindred NMs in Dynamis - Xarcabard can only drop the relic armor of their respective job.
  • However, any regular Kindred Demon can drop any relic armor at any time, and it is possible for more than one relic armor to drop from one regular monster.
  • That said, it is advised to focus more on regular Kindred instead of the NMs if the goal of the run is to farm relic armor and not to attempt Animated Weapons or the Dynamis Lord.

Animated Weapons[]

Name Type
Satellite Hammers Club
Satellite Staves Staff
Satellite Longswords Sword
Satellite Tabars Axe
Satellite Great Axes Great Axe
Satellite Claymores Great Sword
Satellite Spears Polearm
Satellite Scythes Scythe
Satellite Kunai Katana
Satellite Tachi Great Katana
Satellite Daggers Dagger
Satellite Knuckles Hand-to-Hand
Satellite Longbows Bow
Satellite Guns Gun
Satellite Horns Instrument
Satellite Shield Shield
Name Type Position
Animated Hammer Club (I-10)
Animated Staff Staff (G-7)
Animated Longsword Sword (J-6)
Animated Tabar Axe (F-7)
Animated Great Axe Great Axe (G-9)
Animated Claymore Great Sword (G-11)
Animated Spear Polearm (H-7)
Animated Scythe Scythe (J-7)
Animated Kunai Katana (H-7)
Animated Tachi Great Katana (F-7)
Animated Dagger Dagger (H-9)
Animated Knuckles Hand-to-Hand (I-6)
Animated Longbow Bow (E-7)
Animated Gun Gun (E-8)
Animated Horn Instrument (I-7)
Animated Shield Shield (H-9)


  • The Animated Weapons have the appearance of the final Relic Weapons.
  • Animated Weapons no longer warp away from players during battle.


Name Position Notes
Vanguard Dragon (E-7)~(E-8) Drops Necropsyche
Ying (E-8) NM - Summoned by Dynamis Lord.
Yang (E-7) NM - Summoned by Dynamis Lord.


Dynamis Lord[]

Name Position Notes
Dynamis Lord (D-7) Mega Boss
Arch Dynamis Lord (D-7) Arch Mega Boss


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