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Zone Information
Area Name Dynamis - San d'Oria
Type Outdoors
New dynamis San d'Oria.gif
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous Able to use Tractor
Trans Dark.gif

Trans Dark.gif

Region Dynamis
Expansion Rise of the Zilart
Requirements Rank 6
Level 65
Key ItemVial of Shrouded Sand
Key ItemPrismatic Hourglass
Restrictions 1-hour time limit
Background music "Shadow Lord"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

Entered via Trail Markings in Southern San d'Oria (L-5)

 Trail Markings:  Southern San d'Oria (L-5)
 Boss:  Overlord's Tombstone
 Title:  Dynamis-San d'Oria Interloper
 Repeatable:  After Japanese Midnight
 Reward:  Key Item Hydra Corps Command Scepter


 Ancient Currency:  Ordelle Bronzepiece
 Montiont Silverpiece
 Items:  Fresh Orc Liver
 Griffon Hide
 Giant Frozen Head
 Gold Beastcoin
 Infinity Core
 Mythril Beastcoin
 Sparkling Stone
 Relic Weapons:  Ihintanto (NIN)
 Relic Bhuj (WAR)
 Relic Gun (RNG)
 Relic Lance (DRG)
 Relic Armor:  Warrior's Calligae (WAR Feet)
 Melee Hose (MNK Legs)
 Cleric's Cap (WHM Head)
 Duelist's Boots (RDM Feet)
 Valor Gauntlets (PLD Hands)
 Monster Trousers (BST Legs)
 Bard's Roundlet (BRD Head)
 Scout's Braccae (RNG Legs)
 Koga Hakama (NIN Legs)
 Wyrm Greaves (DRG Feet)
 Summoner's Pigaches (SMN Feet)
 Mirage Bazubands (BLU Hands)
 Commodore Trews (COR Legs)
 Pantin Babouches (PUP Feet)
 Argute Bracers (SCH Hands)
 Trigger Items:  Barbaric Bijou
 Odious Cryptex
 Odious Scale
 Odious Leather
 Odious Strongbox

NEW TE and spawn points

Monsters Found Here

Monster Family Job Min Level Max Level Aggro Currency
Orcish Vanguard All 75 77 S, L O. Bronzepiece
Orcish Vanguard All 95 97 S, L O. Bronzepiece

Notorious Monsters

Name Job Pos Drops Notes
Reapertongue Gadgquok SMN (L-6) Barbaric Bijou
O. Bronzepiece
Timed spawn
Supported by Vanguard's Avatar
Defeating the avatar prior to attacking the NM will prevent his use of Astral Flow, unless he can summon a new one before being defeated.
Voidstreaker Butchnotch NIN (H-9) Barbaric BijouInformation Needed
O. Bronzepiece
M. Silverpiece
Timed spawn
Can use Mijin Gakure several times.
Wyrmgnasher Bjakdek DRG (K-9) Barbaric BijouInformation Needed
O. Bronzepiece
M. Silverpiece
Assisted by Vanguard's Wyvern
Serjeant Tombstone Unknown varies M. Silverpiece Infinity Core

Gold Beastcoin

Links with Orcs, and Orcs link with it.
Can cast various black magic spells
Defeating it can restore HP, MP or TP
Warchief Tombstone Unknown (M-7)
Amber granules of time (+10 min)
Azure granules of time (+10 min)
Alabaster granules of time (+15 min)
Crimson granules of time (+10 min)
Obsidian granules of time (+15 min)
(M-7) is on upper balcony
(I-9) is located on top of the Auction House.
(D-8) is in the northeast corner by the Leathercraft Guild
(E-9) is in the passage going up
(H-7) is where PLD quests are received.
All five time extensions are needed for maximum stagger effect on all monsters in the zone.
Battlechoir Gitchfotch BRD (I-7/8) Summoned by Overlord's Tombstone along with Soulsender Fugbrag
Uses Soul Voice
Soulsender Fugbrag BRD (I-7/8) Summoned by Overlord's Tombstone along with Battlechoir Gitchfotch
Uses Soul Voice
Overlord's Tombstone Mega Boss (I-7/8) Fiendish Tome: Chapter 1
M. Silverpiece
Forced spawn by trading Barbaric Bijou to ??? at (I-7/8)
Accompanied by Battlechoir Gitchfotch and Soulsender Fugbrag
Examine the ??? after defeating it to get the Key ItemHydra Corps Command Scepter
Bladeburner Rokgevok WAR
(L-10) Oneiros Sash
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 2
Forced spawn by trading an Odious Scale to ??? at (L-10).
Can use Mighty Strikes and Manafont multiple times.
Fanatic Dance will cause the NM to eventually despawn if allowed.
Steelshank Kratzvatz BST
(I-11) Oneiros Cappa
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 3
Forced spawn by trading an Odious Leather to the ??? at (I-11)
Assisted by Kratzvatz's Hecteyes
Can use Invincible and Familiar several times
Bloodfist Voshgrosh DRK
(G-10) Oneiros Belt
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 4
Forced spawn by trading an Odious Cryptex to ??? at (G-10)
Can use Blood Weapon and Hundred Fists several times.

Fanatic Dance will cause the NM to eventually despawn if allowed.

Spellspear Djokvukk DRG
(B/C-6) Oneiros Cape
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 5
Forced spawn by trading an Odious Strongbox to the ??? at (B/C-6).
Assisted by Djokvukk's Wyvern.
Can use Chainspell several times.
Arch Overlord Tombstone Arch Mega Boss (I-7/8) Oneiros Lance
Oneiros Cest
Oneiros Helm
Forced spawn by trading all Fiendish Tomes from NMs in Dynamis - San d'Oria
Uses Hundred Fists.
Seismostomp has some hate reset.
Has enhanced movement speed.
  • Note: All the Orc NMs in Dynamis have an additional TP attack: Fanatic Dance. This charms everyone in melee range, which can become perilous to back-line jobs. There are several proposed tactics for dealing with this:
  • Zerg the NM with max WS and nukes to avoid building too much TP.
  • Have everyone in the alliance stand in range of charm effect, so that everyone gets charmed and nobody is attacked.
  • Alternate between nuke/WS and sleep.
  • Have melee types avoid attacking the NM.