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Zone Information
Area Name Dynamis - Jeuno
Type Outdoors
Maps Dynamis - Jeuno/Maps
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous Able to use Tractor
Trans Dark.gif

Trans Dark.gif

Region Dynamis
Expansion Rise of the Zilart
Requirements Key Item Vial of Shrouded Sand
Key Item Prismatic Hourglass
Level 65+
Completion of Mission 5-2 for your nation
Restrictions 1-hour time limit
Background music "Shadow Lord"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

Entered via Trail Markings in Ru'Lude Gardens (I-9)

  Trail Markings:   Ru'Lude Gardens (I-9)
  Boss:   Goblin Golem
  Title:   Dynamis-Jeuno Interloper
  Repeatable:   After Japanese Midnight
  Reward:   Key Item Hydra Corps Tactical Map


  Ancient Currency:   One Byne Bill
  One Hundred Byne Bill
  Tukuku Whiteshell
  Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
  Ordelle Bronzepiece
  Montiont Silverpiece
  Items:   Sparkling Stone
  Goblin Grease
  Gold Beastcoin
  Infinity Core
  Mythril Beastcoin
  NM Pop Items:   Odious Cup
  Odious Die
  Odious Mask
  Odious Grenade
  Roving Bijou
  Relic Weapons:   Relic Bow (RNG/SAM)
  Relic Horn (BRD)
  Relic Shield (PLD)
  Relic Staff (BLM/SMN)
  Relic Armor:   Warrior's Mufflers (WAR Hands)
  Melee Gloves (MNK Hands)
  Cleric's Pantaloons (WHM Legs)
  Sorcerer's Sabots (BLM Feet)
  Duelist's Tights (RDM Legs)
  Assassin's Poulaines (THF Feet)
  Abyss Flanchard (DRK Legs)
  Bard's Slippers (BRD Feet)
  Scout's Beret (RNG Head)
  Saotome Sune-Ate (SAM Feet)
  Koga Kyahan (NIN Feet)
  Wyrm Finger Gauntlets (DRG Hands)
  Commodore Gants (COR Hands)
  Pantin Churidars (PUP Legs)
  Etoile Shoes (DNC Feet)

Monsters Found Here

Name Job Notes
Goblin Statue
(Time Extension)
Simulacrum Casts Protectra IV, Shellra IV, Haste
Goblin Replica Simulacrum Casts Protectra IV, Shellra IV, Haste
Vanguard Alchemist White Mage
Vanguard Ambusher Ranger
Vanguard Armorer Paladin
Vanguard Dragontamer
Vanguard's Wyvern
Vanguard Enchanter Red Mage
Vanguard Hitman Ninja Beware of Mijin Gakure
Vanguard Maestro Bard
Vanguard Necromancer
Vanguard's Avatar
Summoner Keep avatar asleep when Astral Flow goes off
Vanguard Pathfinder
Vanguard's Slime
Beastmaster Slime casts Paralyzga
Vanguard Pitfighter Monk Hundred Fists can be very dangerous
Vanguard Ronin Samurai
Vanguard Shaman Black Mage
Vanguard Smithy Warrior
Vanguard Tinkerer Dark Knight
Vanguard Welldigger Thief
Bandrix Rockjaw Thief NM
Buffrix Eargone Paladin NM
Cloktix Longnail Dark Knight NM
Elixmix Hooknose White Mage NM
Gabblox Magpietongue Red Mage NM
Hermitrix Toothrot Black Mage NM
Humnox Drumbelly Bard NM
Lurklox Dhalmelneck Ranger NM
Morgmox Moldnoggin Summoner NM
Sparkspox Sweatbrow Warrior NM
Ticktox Beadyeyes Dark Knight NM
Trailblix Goatmug Beastmaster NM
Tufflix Loglimbs Paladin NM
Wyrmwix Snakespecs Dragoon NM
Karashix Swollenskull Samurai NM
Kikklix Longlegs Monk NM
Rutrix Hamgams Beastmaster NM
Snypestix Eaglebeak Ninja NM
Mortilox Wartpaws Summoner NM
Jabkix Pigeonpecs Monk NM
Smeltix Thickhide Warrior NM
Wasabix Callusdigit Samurai NM
Anvilix Sootwrists Warrior NM
Blazox Boneybod Beastmaster NM
Bootrix Jaggedelbow Monk NM
Distilix Stickytoes White Mage NM
Eremix Snottynostril Black Mage NM
Jabbrox Grannyguise Red Mage NM
Mobpix Mucousmouth Thief NM
Prowlox Barrelbelly Ranger NM
Scruffix Shaggychest Paladin NM
Slystix Megapeepers Ninja NM
Tymexox Ninefingers Dark Knight NM
Goblin Golem Simulacrum Mega Boss
Quicktrix Hexhands Red Mage/Ninja NM
Feralox Honeylips Beastmaster NM
Scourquix Scaleskin Dragoon NM
Wilywox Tenderpalm White Mage/Thief NM
Arch Goblin Golem Unknown NM
All Goblin NMs have True Sight and link

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