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Zone Information
Area Name Dynamis - Beaucedine
Type Outdoors

Dynamis Beaucedine

Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous Able to use Tractor
Trans Dark.gif

Trans Dark.gif

Region Dynamis
Expansion Rise of the Zilart
Requirements Level 65
Key ItemVial of Shrouded Sand
Key ItemPrismatic Hourglass
Key ItemHydra Corps Lantern
Key ItemHydra Corps Command Scepter
Key ItemHydra Corps Eyeglass
Key ItemHydra Corps Tactical Map
Restrictions 1-hour time limit
Background music "Shadow Lord"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

Entered via Trail Markings at Beaucedine Glacier (F-11)

Requirements Defeat Angra Mainyu
Title Granted Dynamis-Beaucedine Interloper
Repeatable Once per Earth day, resetting at Japanese Midnight
Reward Key ItemHydra Corps Insignia


Dynamis - Beaucedine/Maps


Ancient Currency: One Byne Bill
One Hundred Byne Bill
Tukuku Whiteshell
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
Ordelle Bronzepiece
Montiont Silverpiece
Items: Copy of "Ginuva's Battle Theory"
Copy of "Schultz Stratagems"
Infinity Core
Gold Beastcoin
Mythril Beastcoin
Sparkling Stone
Colossal Skull
Goblin Grease
Fresh Orc Liver
Giant Frozen Head
Griffon Hide
Lancewood Log
Relic Iron
Wootz Ore
Slime Juice
Attestations: Attestation of Accuracy (Marksmanship)
Attestation of Bravery (Axe)
Attestation of Celerity (Dagger)
Attestation of Decisiveness (Great Katana)
Attestation of Force (Great Axe)
Attestation of Fortitude (Polearm)
Attestation of Glory (Sword)
Attestation of Harmony (Music)
Attestation of Invulnerability (Shield)
Attestation of Legerity (Katana)
Attestation of Might (Hand to Hand)
Attestation of Righteousness (Great Sword)
Attestation of Sacrifice (Club)
Attestation of Transcendence (Bow)
Attestation of Vigor (Scythe)
Attestation of Virtue (Staff)
Relic Armor: Warrior's Cuisses (WAR Legs)
Melee Cyclas (MNK Body)
Cleric's Bliault (WHM Body)
Sorcerer's Coat (BLM Body)
Duelist's Tabard (RDM Body)
Assassin's Culottes (THF Legs)
Valor Breeches (PLD Legs)
Abyss Cuirass (DRK Body)
Monster Gaiters (BST Feet)
Bard's Justaucorps (BRD Body)
Scout's Socks (RNG Feet)
Saotome Domaru (SAM Body)
Koga Chainmail (NIN Body)
Wyrm Mail (DRG Body)
Summoner's Doublet (SMN Body)
Mirage Jubbah (BLU Body)
Commodore Frac (COR Body)
Pantin Tobe (PUP Body)
Etoile Tights (DNC Legs)
Argute Gown (SCH Body)
Relic +2 Item: Forgotten Thought

Monsters Found Here

Monster Family Job Min Level Max Level Aggro Currency
Goblin Vanguard All 75 80 S, L T. Whiteshell
1 Byne Bill
O. Bronzepiece
Orcish Vanguard All 75 80 S, L O. Bronzepiece
Quadav Vanguard All 75 80 S, L 1 Byne Bill
Yagudo Vanguard All 75 80 S, L T. Whiteshell
Hydra Corps All 80 83 S, L T. Whiteshell
1 Byne Bill
O. Bronzepiece
Vanguard Eye BLM Unknown Unknown A, S
H, L
Ginuva's Theory
T. Whiteshell
O. Bronzepiece
1 Byne Bill
L. Jadeshell
M. Silverpiece
100 Byne Bill
Avatar Icon BLM Unknown Unknown A, S
H, L

Notorious Monsters

Name Job Pos Drops Notes
Adamantking Image WAR (K-9) Key ItemGranules of Time (100%) 10 minute time extension.
Avatar Idol BLM (I-8)
Key ItemGranules of Time (100%) 10 minute time extension.
Goblin Statue WHM (H-9)
Key ItemGranules of Time (100%) 10 minute time extension.
Spawns among the Goblin Vanguard.
Can rarely spawn amongst the Yagudo Vanguard.
Warchief Tombstone RDM (J-7) Key ItemGranules of Time (100%) 10 minute time extension.
Rearguard Eye BLM (H-8) Key ItemGranules of Time (100%) 20 minute time extension.
Angra Mainyu RDM
(J-5) Key ItemHydra Corps Insignia (100%) Zone Boss
Spawns Fire Pukis, Wind Pukis, Petro Pukis and Poison Pukis
Will teleport around. Recommend pet job to keep pet targeted.
Fire Pukis Pet (J-5) Unknown Spawned by Angra Mainyu
Uses Flame Breath
Wind Pukis Pet (J-5) Unknown Spawned by Angra Mainyu
Uses Wind Breath
Petro Pukis Pet (J-5) Unknown Spawned by Angra Mainyu
Uses Petro Eyes
Poison Pukis Pet (J-5) Unknown Spawned by Angra Mainyu
Uses Poison Breath
Arch Angra Mainyu RDM
(J-5) Avesta Bangles
Chtonic Staff
Oneiros Cluster
Mega Boss
Spawned by trading Fiendish Tome: Chapter 21, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 22, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 23, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 24, and Fiendish Tome: Chapter 25
Uses Chainspell
Casts Death

Hydra Corps

Name Job Pos Drops Notes
*Dagourmarche's Avatar
*Dagourmarche's Hound
Dagourmarche's Wyvern
(G-9) Attestation of Bravery
Attestation of Fortitude
Attestation of Virtue
Drops are used for Guttler, Gungnir and Claustrum, respectively.
Involved in trial 2672. Must be defeated 5 times with Guttler (85) equipped.
Charms players in a small range when he uses any 2hr
Goublefaupe WAR
(I-7) Attestation of Invulnerability
Attestation of Righteousness
Attestation of Glory
Attestation of Force
Drops are used for Aegis, Ragnarok, Excalibur, and Bravura, respectively
Mildaunegeux MNK
(H-10) Attestation of Accuracy
Attestation of Legerity
Attestation of Might
Drops are used for Annihilator, Kikoku, and Spharai, respectively
Quiebitiel WHM
(H-8) Attestation of Celerity
Attestation of Sacrifice
Attestation of Harmony
Drops are used for Mandau, Mjollnir, and Gjallarhorn, respectively
Velosareon RNG
(J-8) Attestation of Vigor
Attestation of Decisiveness
Attestation of Transcendence
Drops are used for Apocalypse, Amanomurakumo, and Yoichinoyumi, respectively
Taquede DRG
(G-9) Ryuga Sune-Ate
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 22
Spawned by trading Odious Talisman
Pignonpausard SAM
(H-7) Khthonios Mask
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 23
Spawned by trading Odious Bell
Hitaume RNG
(G-8) Khthonios Gloves
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 24
Spawned by trading Odious Root
Cavanneche DRK
(F-7) Khthonios Helm
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 25
Spawned by trading Odious Mirror


Name Job Drops Notes
Ascetox Ratgums BLM
Bordox Kittyback THF
Brewnix Bittypupils WHM
Draklix Scalecrust DRG
Droprix Granitepalms MNK
Gibberox Pimplebeak RDM
Moltenox Stubthumbs WAR
Morblox Chubbychin SMN
Routsix Rubbertendon BST
Ruffbix Jumbolobes PLD
Shisox Widebrow SAM
Slinkix Trufflesniff RNG
Swypestix Tigershins NIN
Tocktix Thinlids DRK
Whistrix Toadthroat BRD


Name Job Drops Notes
Cobraclaw Buchzvotch MNK
Deathcaller Bidfbid SMN
Drakefeast Wubmfub DRG
Elvaanlopper Grokdok SAM
Galkarider Retzpratz RNG
Heavymail Djidzbad PLD
Humegutter Adzjbadj WAR
Jeunoraider Gepkzip NIN
Lockbuster Zapdjipp THF
Mithraslaver Debhabob BST
Skinmask Ugghfogg DRK
Spinalsucker Galflmall RDM
Taruroaster Biggsjig BLM
Ultrasonic Zeknajak BRD
Wraithdancer Gidbnod WHM
  • Note: All the Orc NMs in Dynamis have an additional TP attack: Fanatic Dance. This charms everyone in melee range, which can become perilous to back-line jobs.


Name Job Drops Notes
Be'Zhe Keeprazer SMN
De'Bho Pyrohand BLM
Ga'Fho Venomtouch WHM
Go'Tyo Magenapper DRG
Gu'Khu Dukesniper RNG
Gu'Nha Wallstormer WAR
Ji'Fhu Infiltrator THF
Ji'Khu Towercleaver SAM
Mi'Rhe Whisperblade NIN
Mu'Gha Legionkiller PLD
Na'Hya Floodmaker RDM
Nu'Bhi Spiraleye BRD
So'Gho Adderhandler BST
So'Zho Metalbender MNK
Ta'Hyu Gallanthunter DRK
  • Note: All the Quadav NMs in Dynamis have an additional TP attack: Wrath of Gu'Dha. This ability inflicts AoE physical damage (can be absorbed by shadows), severe knockback, and causes weight.


Name Job Drops Notes
Bhuu Wjato the Firepool BLM
Caa Xaza the Madpiercer RDM
Foo Peku the Bloodcloak WAR
Guu Waji the Preacher PLD
Hee Mida the Meticulous RNG
Knii Hoqo the Bisector SAM
Koo Saxu the Everfast WHM
Kuu Xuka the Nimble NIN
Maa Zaua the Wyrmkeeper DRG
Nee Huxa the Judgmental DRK
Puu Timu the Phantasmal SMN
Ryy Qihi the Idolrobber THF
Soo Jopo the Fiendking BST
Xaa Chau the Roctalon MNK
Xhoo Fuza the Sublime BRD
  • Note: All the Yagudo NMs in Dynamis have an additional TP attack: Doom. The countdown is 10 seconds, but if the NM is slain before that time the victim will likely "narrowly avoid doom."


As of the 5-10-11 update a lot has changed about Dynamis.

  • Enemies are no longer true sight/ sound, Sneak and Invisible do work to move past them
  • Time extensions are in a new locations:
  • Goblin Statue (10 min.): (H-9) Down the first ramp in the middle of Goblins.
  • Avatar Idol (10 min.): Either bottom of (I-8) or the top of (I-9) just before the end of the Yagudo area before 3rd ramp.
  • Adamantking Image (10 min.): (K-9) Southeast-most part of the coast line amongst the quadav.
  • Warchief Tombstone (10 min.): (J-7) At the pond amongst the orcs.
  • Rearguard Eye (20 min.): (H-8) Hiding in the very northeast part of the area amongst Hydra Corps enemies. This is the same level as Nue's tower. There's a little alcove along the mountains to the west of it that is safe to camp for it. Does not link with the Hydra Corps monsters.
  • Upon collecting at least 3 of the time extension Key Items, you gain the ability to stagger enemies, including the NMs. See Weakness Trigger Conditions below.
  • The boss is now a Forced Spawn with a Leering Bijou which are collected from the NMs throughout the zone.
  • NMs are now Lottery Spawn with the corresponding enemies of that type.
  • Unlike Xarcabard, there are no free-roaming NMs.
  • Hydra Corps monsters are not aggressive to low health like most Fomor.

Win Strategies Post-Update

Get a Leering Bijou at the pond, then attempt battlefield [1]

  • Farm a Leering Bijou from the NM around the pond just before you go down the ramp to Angra Mainyu.
  • Have a Thief take the Leering Bijou, then gather the party in the NW corner of the Fei'Yin area.
  • Take your provoker to the ??? with your thief and trade the Bijou to spawn Angra Mainyu.
    • There are 4 dragons that spawn when you spawn it.
  • Have thief activate Flee, run to the far corner by the map, and use Perfect Dodge. Then have the provoker grab Angra Mainyu and run it to NW corner.
  • The dragons will run back if you attempt to run up the ramp.
    • You get a message "You have left the battlefield" and the dragons will race back to the eye as soon as thief runs out of range.
  • Zerg Angra Mainyu and the Key ItemHydra Corps Insignia drops to everyone in party/alliance who need it.
  • Angra Mainyu still casts Death and teleport around but goes down fairly easy to zerging.

Weakness Trigger Conditions

The Weakness Trigger condition is based off the enemy's job:

RNG / THF / MNK / BST / NIN: Job Abilities and any enemy-targetable ability or physical Blood Pact: Rage, except pet commands and possibly Ventriloquy. Pet special attacks (via "Ready") will also work.
PLD / WAR / SAM / DRG / DRK: Weapon Skills and select Puppetmaster Maneuvers, possibly based on current Automaton frame's deciding maneuvers for Weapon Skills.
WHM / BLM / SMN / BRD / RDM: Magic and any magical Blood Pact: Rage or enemy-targeted spell with the possible exception of cures and Odin.

It is possible to trigger a weakness during an enemy's 1 hour ability and during spell casting.

The number of Time Extensions obtained affect your weakness trigger rate:

  • 0-2 - None
  • 3 - Low / Blue: Potentially transient Amnesia or nothing.
  • 4 - Medium / Yellow: Terror. Stops 1-hour abilities, but does not stop them from using them again.
  • 5 - High / Red: Terror. Stops 1-hour abilities and prevents them from being used again.

If you trigger a red weakness on a Notorious Monster, then the NM can use its One Hour Ability again.

Attestation NMs

The Attestations NMs are now spawned by pop items that are farmed from Fomors of the corresponding job.

For example, Goublefaupe is a PLD/RDM/WAR, so you need to farm the Despot's Fortune Parchment that drops from Hydra Paladin, Hydra Red Mage and Hydra Warrior.

They still spawn in the same towers as before, but you trade the corresponding Parchment to the ??? point there, and the NM will spawn.

Unlike before, the NMs spawn alone, without helpers, and you have a 15-minute time limit to defeat it. You can fight it inside the tower safely.

The NMs link by sight with other Hydras.