Start NPC Paparoon - Nashmau (G-7)
Requirements 5 items spaces available in your Gobbiebag to begin the quest
Items Needed Alexandrite x30,000 or Cat's Eye
Balrahn's Eyepatch
100,000 Therion Ichor

Wyrmseeker Areuhat

150,000 Nyzul Isle Tokens

Mamool Ja Journal
Lebros Chronicle
Leujaoam Log
Periqia Diary
Ilrusi Ledger

Reward KeyItemPaparoon's sealed invitation
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An Imperial Heist Forging a New Myth


This quest is the second of several quests involved in unlocking Mythic Weapons. It is extremely time-consuming, requiring a hundred or more hours of effort.

Holy Relics

  • Einherjar is a 1-36 person battlefield. A party of 99s can complete the battlefield with ease. You may repeat Einherjar 20 hours after your previous entry. See the Einherjar page for instructions.
  • Examine the glowing ??? near the entry gate for the KeyItemMark of the Einherjar. This allows you to reserve a room in any wing.
    • Refer to the Mark of the Einherjar page for instructions on obtaining the key item.
    • The Mark allows you to trade Valkyrie's TearRare, Valkyrie's WingRare, or Valkyrie's SoulRare in exchange for feathers from Wings I, II, or III respectively.
      • Purchasing Valkyrie items from Kilusha requires Ichor. Players who are not working on this quest can buy the Valkyrie items from Kilusha and sell them on the AH for profit.
    • Completing Wing III will earn you 1920 Ichor. Entry into Odin's Chamber (reward 2880 Ichor) or Odin's Chamber II (reward 3600 Ichor) requires all players to own one feather from each of the three Wings.
  • By farming Wing III, you will obtain 100,000 Ichor in 52 runs.

Wyrmseeker of Areuhat

  • Tokens can be obtained from Nyzul Isle Investigation (level 75) or Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey (level 99, aka "Neo Nyzul Isle" or "NNI"). Success in Nyzul Isle is extremely dependent on player skill.
  • Entry into Nyzul Isle requires a KeyItemImperial Army I.D. Tag.
  • Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey is not a good source for farming tokens for several reasons. Each floor is far more difficult to complete, being level 99 content, and you only receive 90 tokens per floor cleared (not the number of the floor you finish at). For example, if you use "Jump ??? floors" each time and clear 14 floors prior to completion, you will receive 1,260 tokens.
  • Token yield for Nyzul Isle Investigation is far better. Base token yield is 200 per floor completed, plus 10 every five floors; e.g. floors 1-5 yield 5*200, floors 6-10 yield 5*210, floors 96-100 yield 5*390. You will receive 100% reward with 1-3 party members, 90% for 4, 80% for 5, and 70% for 6. The assault leader will earn an extra 10%. To start on higher floors requires a payment of Tokens, but in a party that takes turns paying, this cost is not significant.
    • A party familiar with Nyzul Isle can comfortably clear 10 floors. An elite group of 4 players can clear up to 25 floors.
      • Parties usually follow this rule: Exit assault after the 5-minute warning, unless the next floor is a boss floor (20, 40, 60, 80, 100).
    • As of the May 14, 2015 update, Same Time lamps will stay active for five minutes rather than 30 seconds, making such floors easier to clear when solo.
  • As token yield is highly dependent on speed and party size, the timeframe for this objective is variable. A serious party can expect to earn 3,000-7,000 tokens per run, reaching 150,000 tokens in 21-50 runs.

Assault Memoires

Alexandrite Gems

Game Description

Paparoon (Nashmau)
Honorary officer Paparoon has been brought on to see that you carry out your imperial orders. Alexandrite, Wyrmseeker Areuhat, assault memoires, holy relics... A multitude of paths lay open before you.
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