Dark Knight
Batallia Downs (S) (F-5)


Maruna-Kurina's Notes

Duskraven is a sullen, grim-faced mercenary, distinguishable by his ominous-wominous greatsword, “Kyomon.” Wayfarers and soldiers alike often recount seeing him in the vicinity of Batallia Downs, but for what purpose and to whataru end, none can say. His underlings, the Dusk Raiders, answer to his beck and call, and such powers lead many to surmise that he is no stranger to the nether-wether realms. He is a straight shooter, though. If you hope to curry favor with him, you need nothing more than cold cash. He seems to blow right through it as soon as he gets it, and is always looking for more. What he spends itaru on, I couldn't say.

How to Influence

Trade him 500 gil.


"I sense something...otherworldly about you, traveler. But appearances can oft be misleading, nay?"

  • If a Windurstian PC speaks to him: "It may hap the secrets I seek lie with the federation..."
  • If a Bastokan PC speaks to him: "It may hap the secrets I seek lie with the republic..."
  • After trading him 500 gil Duskraven will say, "Ah, so your nation requests my services...I shall consider your proposal..."
  • After trading him 500 gil: "I have heard rumor that the lord of the beastmen sits upon an hoary throne in the frozen north. Do you believe he would entertain a raven?"
  • After trading him 500 gil after he has affiliated with a nation Duskraven will say, "I lack the patience to deal with those who do not kneel to the raven..."

When Allied

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