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(Sword) All Races
DMG: 40 Delay: 240 VIT +7 Enmity +1
Lv. 71 PLD
Damage Per Second: 10
TP Per Hit: 64

Other Uses

Resale Price: 3,062~3,138 gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Weapons > Swords ( )


Name Level Members Zone Orb
Copycat 75 6 Waughroon Shrine Clotho Orb
Double Dragonian 75 6 Horlais Peak Clotho Orb
Seasons Greetings 75 6 Balga's Dais Clotho Orb

Historical Background

In European folklore, Durandal (also spelled Durendal, Durindana), was the sword of Roland (also called Orlando), a Paladin of King Charlemagne. Its hilt is said to have several relics in it: the blood of St. Basil, the hair of St. Denis, the tooth of St. Peter, and a piece of the Virgin Mary's clothing. The sword is indestructible. Roland tried to destroy it to prevent the Saracens from capturing it, but could not do so. Doing the next best thing, he threw Durandal into a poisonous stream. Durandal supposedly once belonged to the hero Hector of Troy. It was mentioned in The Song of Roland.

It, along with Joyeuse and Cortana (Curtana) were made of the same steel and temper, making them sister blades. It is possibly linked in geneology from the Celtic/Irish weapon, Caladbolg (meaning 'hard lightning'/'lightning strike'). Caladbolg and Durandal are both linked to Excalibur.

The name probably originates from the French word durer, meaning "to endure", which may explain the game weapon's large VIT bonus.

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