Jeuno's one stop shop for anything armor, the ever-so-aptly named "Durable Shields" shop is a place where any adventurer with a bit of time and gil can get armor for their everyday defensive needs.

Durable Shields

Durable Shields

Location: Upper Jeuno H-8

Shop type: Armor Shop


Name Items Sold Price
Deadly Minnow Studded Bandana ~13,179-14,899 gil
Silver Mask ~22,800 gil
Banded Helm ~47,025 gil
Studded Vest ~20,976-23,712 gil
Silver Mail ~35,200 gil
Banded Mail ~66,792-72,600 gil
Studded Gloves ~11,012-12,448 gil
Silver Mittens ~18,800 gil
Gauntlets ~23,846-26,956 gil
Mufflers ~35,673-38,775 gil
Khe Chalahko Sallet ~29,311-33,134 gil
Breastplate ~45,208-51,105 gil
Cuisses ~34,776-39,312 gil
Plate Leggings ~21,859-24,710 gil
Breeches ~53,130-57,750 gil
Sollerets ~32,637-35,475 gil


Name Purpose
Guslam Quest NPC

Starts Quests:

Taylen Zelma's Errant Husband
Deadly Minnow Standard Merchant
Khe Chalahko Standard Merchant
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