Mission Name Dungeons and Dancers
Number 23
Level 75
Items Needed Key ItemAroma Bug
Reward Key ItemUmbra Bug
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A Sanguinary Prelude Distorter of Time
Replay Cutscenes
Dungeons and Dancers (pt.1-3) Goblin Footprint Beaucedine Glacier (S) (H-11)


  • The Regal Pawprints are NOT the ones just outside the tower but one level higher
    • They are located on the same level as the Campaign Arbiter (C.A.), at the west edge of the cliff overlooking the tower.
    • Please see the attached pictures for a much better idea as to what your really looking for here, as the description prior is never enough for some.

Examine the Regal Pawprints again while in possession of an Key ItemAroma Bug to begin an assault in Everbloom Hollow.


Map 1

  • Critical Note: Nothing here originally said to make it to the green entry-wall an touch it for a cut scene FIRST (before trying to use the switch itself) to obtain the "event-only firesand" as bringing your own will do nothing here. Only then can you activate the ignition switch in the area.
  • Buffs wear on entry. Time limit is 30 minutes, and alter egos may be summoned inside.
  • At the start of the mission, each party member will receive 2 Ratstail Explosives that you can use to demolish stone walls marked with ???.
  • When defeated, Goblin Reavers will disappear, after which a glowing ??? will take its place that can award 3 additional Ratstail Explosives. You can only carry 3 explosives at a time. You must check the ??? once per explosive desired.
    • In other words, clicking on the glowing ??? yields 1 Ratstail Explosive. To receive another, click on the glowing ??? again, and again for the third.
    • Goblin Reaver has a respawn time of 5 minutes.
  • If a Giddy Bomb uses Self-Destruct near a destructible wall, there is a chance that it will explode.
  • To detonate a Ratstail Explosive, click on the ??? next to the wall and chose to use it from the menu choice. You do not use your trade ability or use the item.
  • There are 3 different colours of switch to detonate 3 matching colours of firesand. Make sure the colours of the fuse matches the switch.

Optimal path:

  • Go northwest to start and hug the right wall. Blow up the wall at (H/I-9), then blow up the wall to the north at (H-8). Double back and kill the Goblin Reaver, and obtain the 3 explosives. (Do not forget this, remember to check ??? once per explosive desired.)
  • Blow up the wall to the southeast at (I-9), then proceed northeast until you reach the dead-end. Examine it for a cutscene.
  • Examine the dead-end again, and place the jar of Firesand.
  • Circle back to the wall you opened at (H-8) and continue through the opening. Go to (I-7/8) and trigger the green switch.
  • Go back to the dead-end where you left the Firesand. You will now be in map 2.

Map 2

  • Blow up the wall to the southeast at (G-8/9).
  • Travel east and blow up the wall at (I-9).
  • Continue southeast and examine the blue warp to exit.
  • You will receive a cutscene and the Key ItemUmbra Bug.
  • Quick summary of locations:
    • Fuse
      • (J-5) Red fuse
      • (J-8) Green fuse
    • Ignition Switch
      • (I-8) Red ignition switch
      • (I-8/9) Blue ignition switch
      • (I-7) Green ignition switch
    • Exit Second map (I-9)


Game Description

Mission Orders
Lilisette and Portia are being detained in a subterranean location somewhere beneath the Beaucedine Glacier. Your rescue effort begins with a search for the entrance underground.