Start NPC Taillegeas - Ru'Lude Gardens (I-7)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation ?
A Vessel Without a Captain
Items Needed See below
Title Granted Ducal Dupe
Repeatable Yes
Reward 4000gil


  • Taillegeas, in the Dining Hall at (I-7), will tell you that Nag'molada (or Esha'ntarl, if you've completed most of the Chains of Promathia missions) has a guest who requested strange items and will ask for 3-5 items.
  • Trade the items to Taillegeas to complete the quest.

Possible Requests

Chocobo Bedding
Counterfeit Gil
Eastern Paper
Fernan's Diaries
Goblin Bread
Goblin Doll
Goblin Mushpot
Goblin Pie
Kaiserin Cosmetics
Kongou Inaho
My First Magic Kit
Naphille Pochette
Nyumomo Doll
Silver Obi
Snoll Gelato
Sphene Earring
Tonosama Rice Ball
Turquoise Ring

Game Description

Taillegeas (Dining Hall, Ru'Lude Gardens)
Taillegeas has asked you to collect several items desired by guests of the duchy.
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