Job Trait Overview[]

  • Game Description: Allows user to equip two weapons at once.
  • Job Traits are always active.

Effect Overview[]

  • The Dual Wield job trait must be possessed, naturally or through Blue Mage spell selection, for equipment that enhances Dual Wield to have any effect.
  • Dual Wield only applies to one-handed weapons.
  • Combat Speed is calculated by adding the delays of both weapons, and then reducing the combined delay by the dual wield skill, and then by all forms of haste. Both weapons will swing at the same time. To accomplish this, the delay on both weapons is standardized between the different delays your weapons may have.
    • For example, weapons at 225 and 175 weapon delay, added together & divided by 2, would result in both weapons being converted to 200 delay; weapons of equal delay would remain the same (200 and 200 would stay 200). Calculating the individual speeds this way is important to understanding TP generation. At this point a % delay reduction based on your dual wielding skill is applied (25% for Dual Wield III, so in this case 400 * 0.75 = 300, and then any haste you have, 25% would be 300 * 0.75 = 225).
  • TP per hit is calculated using the reduced Delay (except for Job Haste).
    • When dual wielding weapons with different Delays, the average Delay (Median of both wielded weapons x 2, minus Dual Wield %, Gear Haste and Spell Haste, but NOT Job Haste) is used for the TP calculations; both weapons will gain the same TP.
  • Only the Weapon Skills of the weapon currently equipped in the main hand are available for use. If you equip two different types of weapons, you do not have access to both Weapon Skill sets at once.
    • The same applies to specific weapons that grant the use of weapon skills -- with Lex Talionis equipped in the main hand and Griffinclaw equipped in the sub hand at the same time during Campaign, you would only have access to the weapon-specific weapon skill associated with the main hand weapon (in this case, Glory Slash). The same goes for relic weapons such as Excalibur and Mandau.
  • Any stats on the main-hand and off-hand (sub) weapon (such as Accuracy+) are applied to both weapons.
  • During physical-damage Weapon Skills, an extra hit is performed with the secondary weapon. This does not apply to elemental Weapon Skills (such as Shining Strike) or special Weapon Skills (such as Spirits Within).
  • Weapon Skill Damage is based on the damage rating of the main hand weapon.
  • It is possible to gain skill-ups for both equipped weapons, even if they are different weapon types.

Blue Magic Spells that Activate this Trait[]

Adds a rank of Dual Wield.

Level Available Spell Set Point Cost
99 Molting Plumage 6

Set any two of the following Blue Magic spells to grant you Dual Wield I, attain Dual Wield II by setting four, or gain Dual Wield III by setting all six.

Level Available Spell Set Point Cost
79 Animating Wail 5
80 Blazing Bound 3
85 Quad. Continuum 4
89 Delta Thrust 2
91 Mortal Ray 4
99 Barbed Crescent 2

Equipment that Enhances this Trait[]

Item Delay Reduction Level Type Jobs
Sarashi 1% 30 Waist Ninja Support Job
Ninja Chainmail/Ninja Chainmail +1 5% 58/74 Body NIN
Koga Hakama/Koga Hakama +1 5% 71/75 Legs NIN
Suppanomimi 5% 72 Ear All Jobs
Mirke WardecorsAugmented * 3% 75 Body MNK THF BST RNG NIN BLU COR PUP DNC
Nuevo CoseleteAugmented * 3% 75 Body WAR PLD DRK SAM DRG
Royal RedingoteAugmented * 3% 75 Body WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN SCH
Charis Necklace 3% 80 Neck DNC
Auric Dagger 5% 80 Dagger DNC THF
Raider's Boomerang 3% 84 Throwing THF
Iga Zukin +2 5% 85 Head NIN
Charis Casaque +1/Charis Casaque +2 5%/10% 89 Body DNC
Iga Mimikazari 1% 90 Ear NIN
Koga Chainmail +2 3% 90 Body NIN
Koga Hakama +2 7% 90 Legs NIN
Dudgeon EarringHeartseeker Earring 7% 99 Ear All

* Requires you to choose the appropriate augment on item creation.

Equipment that Augments this Trait[]

Item Augmentation Level Type Jobs
Iga Garb +2 Set Attacks made while dual wielding occasionally add an extra attack to Offhand only 81-89 Complete Set NIN

Dual Wield I[]



Delay Reduction: 10%

Dual Wield II[]



Delay Reduction: 15%

Dual Wield III[]



Delay Reduction: 25%

Dual Wield IV[]



Delay Reduction: 30%

Dual Wield V[]



Delay Reduction: 35%