Mission Name Drifting Northwest
Number 3-6
Title Granted Weatherer of Brumal Climes
Items Needed Key ItemTintinnabulum
Repeatable No
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Looking for Leads Kumhau, the Flashfrost Naakual
Replay Cutscenes
Drifting Northwest Maudilyonne Eastern Adoulin (G-6)


  • Zone into Kamihr Drifts for a cutscene with Kumhau that completes this mission and begins the next.
  • People going to Kamihr Drifts for the first time MUST enter through Woh Gates, which they MUST enter through Yorcia Weald.
    • Using the Home Point or the Frontier Station to warp there instantly triggers the cutscene and completes the mission.
    • It is suggested, if you use a Waypoint, to use #2, as this will take you closest to the area you need for the next mission.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Margret proffers that Kumhau, the beast regent of Eastern Ulbuka, is likely to know the most about any mountainous felines prowling the wilds. Make the trek to Kamihr Drifts and parlay with him.