[[{{SUBST:Dreamer vs. Dreamer: A Fight to the Death!?}}|   ]]
Dreamer vs. Dreamer: A Fight to the Death!?
[[{{SUBST:Dreamer vs. Dreamer: A Fight to the Death!?}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Dreamer vs. Dreamer: A Fight to the Death!?}}|   ]]

This time around, the Dreamers tackle the popular Vana'diel pastime of Ballista. This resurrected military exercise has been called the ultimate do or die contest, where adventurers compete against one another in a struggle to throw the most Petras (small stones) into the Rooks (goals).

The Dreamers gathered under the foreboding boughs of Jugner Forest. The apparent miracle of the entire party arriving on time was almost overshadowed by Sel's next statement.

Sel: For our first Ballista match, it's gonna be Dreamer versus Dreamer!

Bern: Huh!?

Aba: What's gotten into you all of a sudden?

Sel: The best way to experience Ballista is to put yourself in the line of fire!

Fen: What's he going on about?

Birp: Search me.

Sel: No time for talk. The battle begins!

Team Sel


Selfeilliget (AKA Sel)

BST Lv60/NIN Lv30

The leader of the Dreamers. Has some management issues.


Bernwart (AKA Bern)

DRK Lv52/BLM Lv18

Troublemaker extraordinaire.


Birp (AKA Birp)

PLD Lv50/NIN Lv25

Rookie reporter. Author of this article.

Team Fen


Abalard (AKA Aba)

NIN Lv74/WAR Lv37

Fulfills his role admirably, but can occasionally be over-the-top.


Feneinei (AKA Fen)

BLM Lv54/WHM Lv27

The only reliable mage. Lifeline of the party.


Yai (AKA Yai)

RNG Lv53/NIN Lv16

Novice adventurer. Still unaccustomed to party battles.

Dreamer vs. Dreamer1

The Dreamers hear a final explanation
before the match begins.

Fen: Give 'em hell, team!

Laisser aller!


Aba: Here's the plan: we take 'em out one at a time.

Yai: Got it (^-^)

Fen: Yai, you choose the victim.

Yai: kk.

So what will Team Sel's response be to Team Fen's well-thought-out strategy?

Sel: Let's do this!

Birp: Uhuh.

Bern: Raurghhh!

Full-frontal assault...

Before the match, I would like to share several comments from Ballista enthusiasts and explore the attraction that keeps so many adventurers coming back for more. Firstly, how long have you been participating in Ballista?

"From the very start."

"Since Ballista began."

"From day one."

Looks like we have some real Ballista veterans here.

What is it about Ballista that has you so completely hooked?

"The strategy involved."

"The rush of battle against other adventurers!"

"The danger and excitement!"

It seems that the combat aspect of Ballista holds universal appeal.

So, do you usually participate in Ballista alone or with friends?

"Usually alone, or maybe with one other friend."

"With lots of people if I can organize it."

"With up to six friends sometimes!"

Although many people play Ballista with friends, there are still those who prefer the lone wolf approach.

Do you join parties right there on the field?

"Well, there's a lot of familiar faces around, so..."

"I seem to run into the same people on and off the field."

These participants have been playing Ballista long enough to know everybody's name, it seems. They must really enjoy getting together for their matches on a regular basis. I asked how many matches they usually play per month.

"I play pretty much every day."

"I guess I'm in about seventy to eighty percent of the matches in one month."

"When I'm really into it, I play like fifty--no, sixty--matches a month."

That's a lot of Ballista! Daily devotees to this pastime are not uncommon.

Are there any particular matches that stand out from the many you've played?

"There was one huge match with over forty players that we won by a single point..."

"I remember a match where the lead switched twice right before the end."

"I always remember the matches that go right to the wire."

The closer the match, the more intense the Ballista experience. Will the Dreamers' battle go down in the pages of Ballista history?

Dreamer vs. Dreamer2

Team Fen pursues the fleeing Bern

Team Fen pursues the fleeing Bern

Team Sel struggles against the well-coordinated attacks of Team Fen.

Bern: Yipes! I'm outta here!

Aba: He's getting away.

Fen: Don't lose him /sprint

Aba: Hyah! (Blade: Jin)

Bern: I'm doomed...

Birp: Take this!

Aba: Not likely.

Birp: Damn Utsusemi!

Yai: In for the kill! (Barrage)

Birp: No!

After attaining Gate Breach status, Team Fen scored Petra after Petra.

Gate Breach status is attained by defeating a member of the opposite team. This status must be achieved before Petras can be thrown into a Rook.

Yai: /quarry Found a Petra.

Fen: Quick! Sling it in!

Yai: /scout Got a Rook close by!

Aba: Shoot! Shoot!

It looked like a one-sided match until Aba, who had drifted away from his teammates, was taken unawares by Sel.

Sel: Now you're in for it! (Call Beast)

Aba: What the...?

Sel: Take him, my pet!

Aba: Ouch...

Team Sel pressed their attack and took the lead. However, Team Fen quickly regained their former momentum and secured victory by four points.

Sel: How did we lose?

Birp: I couldn't tell you...

Bern: What's a Rook?

Sel: I scored all our team's points!

Birp: Yes, very impressive.

Sel: Why didn't our whole team get Gate Breach status, I wonder.

Bern: Hey guys, what's a Rook?

Birp: Did we actually form a party?

Sel: That would explain it!

Hint: Form a party when playing Ballista.

Recent improvements made to the rules of Ballista have created an even more exciting and addictive experience.

I hope this account will inspire those of you who have yet to attempt this popular activity.

Sel: By the way, I heard there was some new movement connected to Ballista.

Birp: A new movement?

Sel: Yeah, not quite sure what, though...

Bern: Would someone please tell me what a Rook is...?

What could this new Ballista-related movement possibly be? I'm certain all will be revealed in the near future.

[[{{SUBST:Dreamer vs. Dreamer: A Fight to the Death!?}}|   ]]

Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 05

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