Diabolos enhances magic attack and magic defense of party members within area of effect.


Avatar: Diabolos (Dark)

Blood Pact: Ward

Cost: 121 MP

Level: 56


Effect Duration: 3:00

Battle Application: N/A

Damage Type: N/A

Additional Notes: adds a MAB/MDB bonus based on the ingame time, 10% MAB at midnight(23:00-1:00) to near 1%-0% at noon (11:00-13:00); the MDB is affected in a similar way, giving 10%-12% MDB at noon (11:00-13:00) and 1%-0% at midnight (23:00-1:00).

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "Dream Shroud" <me>
  • /ja "Dream Shroud" <me>
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