• Help text: Inflicts the next target you strike with Drain daze, allowing all those engaged in battle with it to drain its HP.
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 5
  • TP Required: 100
  • Recast Time: 1:00
  • Duration: 2:00


  • While active, any successful melee attack made by the Dancer will inflict a Drain Daze upon the target; any subsequent melee attack made by a member of the Dancer's party that deals at least 2 points of damage may restore a small number of hit points to that character. A hit for 1 damage or less will drain 0.
  • Characters outside of the Dancer's party will not benefit from this effect, nor will non-party members of the Dancer's alliance. Likewise, Puppetmaster automatons, Dragoon wyverns, Beastmaster pets (Jugs or Natural), and NPC fellows will not benefit from a Drain Daze effect.
  • Every successful melee attack made by a Dancer while Drain Samba is active will reset the monster's Drain Daze effect. Should the Dancer fail to land a normal melee attack before the timer expires, the monster's Drain Daze effect will wear off until it is reapplied.
  • Drain amount varies between 1 and Drain cap, where Cap = floor(mDelay*3/100) where mDelay is modified delay after haste, slow, etc. Verification Needed See discussion.
  • The HP acquired from the mob does not do any additional damage, it simply restores HP to the player (similar to Blood Weapon).
  • Cannot drain more than 1/2 damage dealt.
  • Higher level monsters will drain for less.
  • Like other Drain spells, Drain Samba is ineffective against Undead.
  • If the additional effect on a weapon activates then no HP is returned, but Drain Daze is still inflicted.
  • Red Mage Enspells I prevent Drain Samba from restoring HP; however, Drain Daze still affects mobs attacked after Drain Samba engaged.
  • Weapon proc chances (Additional Effect: xxx) seem to be checked first. These effects will activate instead of Drain Samba returning HP. If the additional effect does not activate, then the attack will fall back to Drain Samba, returning HP.
  • Performing a weapon skill neither inflicts a Drain Daze upon the target, nor does it restore hit points to the character from a Drain Daze effect already active upon the target.
  • Blood Weapon will not over-write Drain Samba.
  • The amount of HP drained per hit can be increased by adding +attack gear and abilities.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Drain Samba" <me>