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Job Abilities

Level Name Recast Duration Target Description
1  Spirit Surge 2:00:00 Instant Self  Adds your wyvern's strength to your own.
1  Call Wyvern 20:00 Instant Self  Summons a Wyvern to fight by your side.
5  Ancient Circle 10:00 0:30 Party  Increases the party's defense against dragons.
10  Jump 1:30 Instant Single  Performs a jumping attack on the enemy.
25  Spirit Link 3:00 Instant Self  Sacrifices own HP to heal Wyvern's HP.
35  High Jump 3:00 Instant Single  Performs a high jumping attack on enemy.
50  Super Jump 5:00 Instant Single  Performs a super jump.
75  Deep Breathing* 15:00 Next Breath Self  Enhances effect of next wyvern breath.
75  Angon* 3:00 0:30 Single  Expends an angon to lower an enemy's defense.

*Obtained with Merit Points.

Job Traits

Level Name Description

*Obtained with Merit Points.

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