Abilities and Traits by level for Dragoon:

Job Abilities

Level Name Recast Duration Target Description
1  Spirit Surge 2:00:00 Instant Self  Adds your wyvern's strength to your own.
1  Call Wyvern 20:00 Instant Self  Summons a Wyvern to fight by your side.
5  Ancient Circle 10:00 0:30 Party  Increases the party's defense against dragons.
10  Jump 1:30 Instant Single  Performs a jumping attack on the enemy.
25  Spirit Link 3:00 Instant Self  Sacrifices own HP to heal Wyvern's HP.
35  High Jump 3:00 Instant Single  Performs a high jumping attack on enemy.
50  Super Jump 5:00 Instant Single  Performs a super jump.
75  Deep Breathing* 15:00 Next Breath Self  Enhances effect of next wyvern breath.
75  Angon* 3:00 0:30 Single  Expends an angon to lower an enemy's defense.

*Obtained with Merit Points.

Job Traits

Level Name Description
10  Attack Bonus  Increases the power of physical attacks.
25  Dragon Killer  Gives an edge against dragon enemies.
30  Accuracy Bonus  Increases the accuracy of physical attacks.
75  Empathy*  Copies beneficial status effects to wyvern when using Spirit Link.
75  Strafe*  Increases Magical accuracy of wyvern breath.

*Obtained with Merit Points.