Drachen Roll
Enhances pet accuracy and ranged accuracy for party members within area of effect.


Optimal Job: Dragoon
Lucky Number: 4
Unlucky Number: 8


Casting Time: Instant
Recast Time: 60 seconds


Die Roll Main Job Main Job with DRG Support Job
1+10+25 +5
2+13+28 +7
3+15+30 +8
4 (Lucky)+40+55 +20
5+18+33 +9
6+20+35 +10
7+25+40 +13
8 (Unlucky)+5+20 +3
9+28+43 +14
10+30+45 +15
11+50+65 +25
BustNo effect!No effect! No effect!
  • You can call your pet after receiving the roll effect, the bonus will still apply.
  • If you Release and then summon another Avatar, your pet accuracy bonus transfers on that new pet.
  • Busting on Drachen Roll does not bestow a penalty on your avatar's accuracy, according to the /checkparam <pet> command. This is either an oversight, a bug with the /checkparam command or it's intended under the rationale that only the Corsair suffers from a Bust and no other entity.

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Dice ( )


Price: 9,216
Name Location Type
Jajaroon Nashmau G-7 Standard Merchant
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