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|reward=[[Scholar's Bracers]]
|reward=[[Scholar's Bracers]]
|previous=[[On Sabbatical]]
|previous=[[On Sabbatical]]
|next=[[Seeing Blood-red]]
|next=[[Seeing Blood-red]]<br>[[Scholar's Gown Quest]]<br>[[Scholar's Pants Quest]]<br>[[Scholar's Loafers Quest]]

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This is the second Scholar Artifact Armor quest.
Start NPC Erlene - The Eldieme Necropolis (S)
Requirements Scholar level 50+
Items Needed KeyItemUlbrecht's Mortarboard
Repeatable No
Reward Scholar's Bracers
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
On Sabbatical Seeing Blood-red
Scholar's Gown Quest
Scholar's Pants Quest
Scholar's Loafers Quest


You can be on any job from here on.

Game Description

Erlene (The Eldieme Necropolis (S), Batallia Downs (S)) (J-8)
Magicians in the service of the Allied Forces have been disappearing with unsettling regularity. To solve the mystery of their whereabouts, first journey to San d'Oria to participate in the emergency council being held there.
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