Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: May double your attacks.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • Rate of activation for the Warrior job trait is 10%.
      • Each upgrade of Double Attack Rate (WAR Group 1) increases the rate of activation by 1%. These upgrades do not affect WAR as subjob.
        • Rate of Double Attack activation has no difference between Warrior as main job and Warrior as sub job unless merited.
    • The Double Attack trait gained by Blue Mage spell combinations is 7%. Source [1]
    • Activation rate is far higher for monsters with a Double Attack trait, estimated at around 25%.

Effect Overview

  • Double Attack effects from gear, food or buffs may activate without native access to the job trait.
  • "Double Attack"+1, "Double Attack"+1% or Enhances "Double Attack" effect are all different wordings of the same effect and will stack.
  • Additional attacks produced by Triple Attack, and to a degree, Occasionally Attacks X Times weapons are not affected by Double Attack, and only one of these effects can proc at once.
    • Example: Joyeuse will never attack more than 2 times, and the 2nd attack will never be subject to Double Attack. Furthermore, Kraken Club is never affected by Double Attack if its "Attacks 2 to 8 Times" effect proc's, though it will increase the amount of hits per round.
  • Double Attack can trigger on both weapons when Dual Wielding, both hands when using H2H weapons and both attacks on virtue stone weapons.
    • Example: Faith Baghnakhs can produce an additional attack on both hands (consuming 2 virtue stones), and each of these 4 attacks are subject to Double Attack.
    • When using a normal H2H weapon, the double attack will only appear on the screen on the left hand. When both fists trigger a Double Attack, both are done with the left hand on the screen. When using Faith Baghnakhs, double attack from extra swings can appear on left and right hands.
  • May activate during weapon skills.
    • On multi-hit weapon skills, Double Attack can proc on any hit of the weapon skill. Note, however, that Double Attack cannot proc to induce a weapon skill to attempt to hit more than 8 times.
    • TP return for weapon skills will increase by 1 TP every time double attack activates during the weapon skills.
  • May activate during Jump and High Jump

Blue Magic Spells that Activate this Trait

Set any two of the following Blue Magic spells to get this trait:

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
77Acrid Stream3
80Demoralizing Roar4
87Empty Thrash3
92Heavy Strike2

Equipment that Enhances this Effect

Name Skill Increase
+9% +7% +5% +4% +3% +2% +1%
Enchu +1Augmented* CheckCheck
EnchuAugmented* CheckCheck
Ursine ClawsAugmented* CheckCheck
Ares's Cuirass Set CheckCheck
Brutal Earring CheckCheck
Drake Earring (L) CheckCheck
Juogi +1 CheckCheck
Ravager's Cuisses +2 CheckCheck
Rune Halberd (L) CheckCheck
Chimeric Fleuret (L) CheckCheck
Juogi CheckCheck
Ravager's Mask +2 CheckCheck
Kudzu Aketon CheckCheck
Epona's Ring CheckCheck
Hachiman Jinpachi +1 (L) CheckCheck
Ravager's Mask +1 CheckCheck
Ravager's Cuisses +1 CheckCheck
Valkyrie's Fork CheckCheck
Atheling Mantle CheckCheck
Agrona's Leggings CheckCheck
Ares's Flanchard CheckCheck
Askar Korazin CheckCheck
Aurore Doublet CheckCheck
Ferox Vizor CheckCheck
Hacchonenbutsu Dangozashi (H)Exclamation CheckCheck
Hachiman Jinpachi (L) CheckCheck
Mirke WardecorsAugmented* CheckCheck
Nocturnus Helm CheckCheck
Nuevo CoseleteAugmented* CheckCheck
Pole Grip CheckCheck
Ravager's Gorget CheckCheck
Royal RedingoteAugmented* CheckCheck
Sadhu Bracelets (L) CheckCheck
Soldier's Ring (L) CheckCheck
Tau Ring (S) CheckCheck
Blithe Mantleh CheckCheck
Anguinus Belt CheckCheck
Fighter's Calligae +1 CheckCheck
Fighter's Calligae CheckCheck
Niokiyotsuna CheckCheck
Scarecrow Scythe CheckCheck
Shenlong's Baghnakhs CheckCheck
Sukesada CheckCheck
Wamoura Axe (A and S) CheckCheck
Warrior's Cuisses +1 CheckCheck
Warrior's Cuisses CheckCheck
Aesir Mantle (3% on Darksday) CheckCheck
Ravager's Earring CheckCheck
Twicer (E)

* Requires you to choose the appropriate augment on item creation.

Food that Enhances this Effect

(** With rice ball enhancing equipment)

Status effects that Enhance this Effect

Ifrit's Favor
Fighter's Roll

Double Attack

Double Attack Rate: 10%

Double Attack Rate: 7%

Double Attack Rate: 3%~30% (Varies by Maneuvers)

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