Players are drawn-in and swallowed whole, transporting them to an underground area.


  • Family: Sandworm
  • Type: Special
  • Can be dispelled: N/A
  • Utsusemi/Blink absorb: N/A
  • Range: 25' radial
  • Notes: This ability is used by the surface-treading Sandworm. It will draw-in and "swallow" all players in alliance. They are then warped to either Everbloom Hollow, Ghoyu's Reverie, or Ruhotz Silvermines, depending on region. Once this ability is completed, the Sandworm will automatically die.

  • Players within AoE will be teleported into a 60-minute battlefield with a shadowreign incarnation of a present day HNM; note, however, that the shadowreign HNM incarnations are all significantly stronger than their present day counterparts, and are capable of using a host of new/enhanced abilities as well:
  • The specific enemy appearing in the Doomvoid battlefield depends upon the region in which the Sandworm is fought:
    • Lambton Worm (Any)
      • Appears randomly, reguardless of the region.
    • Shadowreign Guivre (Ruhotz Silvermines)
      • Appears if the is Sandworm was fought in areas under the Gustaberg or Derfland fronts.
    • Shadowreign King Arthro (Everbloom Hollow)
      • Appears if the is Sandworm fought in areas under the Ronfaure or Norvalle fronts.
    • Shadowreign Serket (Ghoyu's Reverie)
      • Appears if the is Sandworm fought in areas under the Sarutabaruta or Aragoneu fronts.
All share some drops with their present day incarnations, and each have completely different drops as well.
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