Start NPC Oblor - Frontier Station Yahse Hunting Grounds (K-9)
Requirements KeyItemPioneer's Badge
Items Needed 5 shellfish (Not an actual item)
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 experience/limit points
100 bayld
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None None


  • Speak to Oblor at Frontier Station in Yahse Hunting Grounds (K-9)
  • Head to the seashore in Yahse Hunting Grounds and click 5 "Shellfish" targets.
    • If you collect shellfish near the Orobons, a true-hearing Alluring Orobon NM can randomly appear when you click the shellfish.
    • If you collect shellfish near the Bight Uragnites, a true-hearing Startled Uragnite NM can randomly appear when you click the shellfish.
    • If you zone before talking to Oblor, the count resets to zero. Reraise is necessary if you don't plan to kill the randomly spawned NM. Alternatively, the Startled Uragnite is susceptible to Sleep (the Alluring Orobon may be as well) which can provide ample time to collect the necessary Shellfish and return to Oblor to finish the quest.
    • With enhanced movement speed, you may outrun the Orobon without taking any damage and it will quickly lose interest.
  • Return to Oblor once you have collected all 5.

Game Description

Oblor (Frontier Station, Yahse Hunting Grounds)
Rations are starting to run low, and it's up to you to find some more! Collect five shellfish found along the season in Yahse Hunting Grounds.
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