Dominion Tactician

The Tactician deals with all manners of Dominion Notes transactions. You will be able to buy new Armor, temporary items, and other things from him/her. The Tactician also deals with all manners of Battle Trophies transactions.


Item Notes
Decrescent Shade 300
Increscent Shade 300

Temporary Items

Item Notes
Amnesia Screen 300
Doom Screen 300
Petrify Screen 300
Poison Screen 300
Terror Screen 300


  • All equipment in this section are Body pieces.

Abyssea - Altepa

Item Notes
Estoqueur's Sayon 1500
Goetia Coat 1500
Orison Bliaud 1500
Raider's Vest 1500
Ravager's Lorica 1500
Tantra Cyclas 1500

Abyssea - Grauberg

Item Notes
Caller's Doublet 1500
Charis Casaque 1500
Cirque Farsetto 1500
Iga Ningi 1500
Lancer Plackart 1500
Mavi Mintan 1500
Navarch's Frac 1500
Savant's Gown 1500
Unkai Domaru 1500

Abyssea - Uleguerand

Item Notes
Aoidos' Hongreline 1500
Bale Cuirass 1500
Creed Cuirass 1500
Ferine Gausape 1500
Sylvan Caban 1500

Augmented Weapons

Abyssea - Altepa

Item Type Notes
Firmament Sword 2500
Guisarme Polearm 2500
Ribauldequin Marksmanship 2500

Abyssea - Grauberg

Item Type Notes
Doom Tabar Axe 2500
Yataghan Dagger 2500
Yukitsugu Great Katana 2500

Abyssea - Uleguerand

Item Type Notes
Savate Fists Hand-to-Hand 2500
Vodun Mace Club 2500
Dire Scythe Scythe 2500

Battle Trophy Items

  • These items will be "randomly" Verification Needed augmented in a similar manner as the weapons that are bought with Dominion Notes.
  • All equipment is Level 87 and Exclusive Exclusive.

Bellicus Armor Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Bellicus Cuirass Body
2 Bellicus Celata Head
3 Bellicus Cuisses Legs
4 Bellicus Dastanas Hands
5 Bellicus Sabatons Feet

Bestia Armor Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Bestia Mail Body
2 Bestia Helm Head
3 Bestia Breeches Legs
4 Bestia Mufflers Hands
5 Bestia Greaves Feet

Paragon Armor Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Paragon Haubert Body
2 Paragon Galea Head
3 Paragon Brayettes Legs
4 Paragon Moufles Hands
5 Paragon Sollerets Feet

Skopos Attire Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Skopos Jerkin Body
2 Skopos Visor Head
3 Skopos Braccae Legs
4 Skopos Bracers Hands
5 Skopos Socks Feet

Kokugetsu Attire Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Kokugetsu Togi Body
2 Kokugetsu Hatsuburi Head
3 Kokugetsu Haidate Legs
4 Kokugetsu Kote Hands
5 Kokugetsu Sune-ate Feet

Spry Armor Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Spry Vest Body
2 Spry Headgear Head
3 Spry Tights Legs
4 Spry Wristbands Hands
5 Spry Gaiters Feet

Mederi Attire Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Mederi Talar Body
2 Mederi Tam Head
3 Mederi Slacks Legs
4 Mederi Gants Hands
5 Mederi Brogues Feet

Literae Attire Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Literae Coat Body
2 Literae Hat Head
3 Literae Pants Legs
4 Literae Cuffs Hands
5 Literae Sabots Feet

Facio Attire Set

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Facio Bliaut Body
2 Facio Caubeen Head
3 Facio Spats Legs
4 Facio Gages Hands
5 Facio Galoshes Feet