Start NPC Dominion Sergeant - Abyssea - Grauberg (G-12)
Reward Varying amount of Experience Points, Cruor and Dominion Notes

0 to 1 of the following:
Aoidos' Seal: Body (BRD) (???%)
Bale Seal: Body (DRK) (???%)
Caller's Seal: Body (SMN) (???%)
Charis Seal: Hands (DNC) (???%)
Cirque Seal: Body (PUP) (???%)
Creed Seal: Body (PLD) (???%)
Estoqueur's Seal: Body (RDM) (???%)
Ferine Seal: Hands (BST} (???%)
Iga Seal: Body (NIN) (???%)
Navarch's Seal: Body (COR) (???%)
Raider's Seal: Hands (THF) (???%)
Savant's Seal: Body (SCH) (???%)
Savant's Seal: Hands (SCH) (???%)
Unkai Seal: Body (SAM) (???%)
Unkai Seal: Hands (SAM) (???%)


Game Description

Dominion Sergeant, Abyssea - Grauberg)
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