Start NPC Dominion Sergeant - Abyssea - Altepa (C-11) Veridical Conflux #8
Repeatable Yes
Reward Varying amount of Experience Points, Cruor and Dominion Notes, based on Dominion %

Aoidos' Seal: Body (BRD) (4.2%)
Bale Seal: Body (DRK) (1.4%)
Charis Seal: Body (DNC) (2.8%)
Charis Seal: Hands (DNC) (1.4%)
Cirque Seal: Body (PUP) (2.8%)
Creed Seal: Body (PLD) (1.4%)
Creed Seal: Hands (PLD) (2.8%)
Estoqueur's Seal: Body (RDM) (1.4%)
Ferine Seal: Body (BST) (2.8%)
Goetia Seal: Body (BLM) (1.4%)
Lancer's Seal: Hands (DRG) (2.8%)
Mavi Seal: Body (BLU) (2.8%)
Navarch's Seal: Body (COR) (1.4%)
Orison Seal: Body (WHM) (1.4%)
Ravager's Seal: Body (WAR) (1.4%)
Sylvan Seal: Body (RNG) (1.4%)
Sylvan Seal: Hands (RNG) (2.8%)
Unkai Seal: Hands (SAM) (1.4%)


Game Description

Dominion Sergeant Abyssea - Altepa)
Slay a prescribed quota of Barrens Treants to further the Resistance efforts in the area. After completing your objective, report back to any Dominion Sergeant.