Mission Name Doll of the Dead
Number 9-1
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title Granted Guiding Star
Items Needed Goobbue Humus
KeyItemLetter from Zonpa-Zippa
Reward Rank points
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The Jester Who'd Be King Moon Reading


Toraimarai Composite

Composite map to Full Moon Fountain

  • You must have your Rank Points bar approximately one third full in order to accept this mission. Turning in 8 regular crystals or 4 Exclamation light/dark crystals enables the flagging of this mission.
  • Receive the mission from the gatehouse and then talk to the NPCs in this order. The Windurst Gate Guard and surrounding NPCs have additional dialogue.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The Orastery Minister has awoken and the Bearer of Darkness once again terrorizes Heavens Tower. At the request of the Manustery you are to speak with a person imprisoned within the Boyahda Tree and discover the truth behind the doll of the dead.