Start NPC None
Requirements Key Item"Sakura's Excellent Adventure"
Items Needed 12x Crayfish
Reward Work Gloves (♂) or Work Gloves (♀) of your character's gender
Monster Rearing: Unlocks rank 5 monsters and allow you to raise three simultaneous monsters.
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Trial of the Chacharoon Rowing Together
Replay Cutscenes
Doctor Chacharoon (pt.1) Goblin Footprint Mog Garden
Doctor Chacharoon (pt.2) Goblin Footprint Mog Garden


Game Description

Chacharoon has asked you to help rescue a sickly adamantoise hatchling that has washed up on the shore. According to Chacharoon's diagnosis, the turtle needs hot soup to recover. Gather 12 crayfish for the soup and trade them to the Green Thumb Moogle.
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