Job Ability

  • Enhances the potency of the user's next healing spell.
  • Obtained: White Mage Level 15
  • Recast Time: 10:00
  • Duration: 1 Spell or 60 seconds, whichever occurs first.


  • When activated, doubles the potency of user's next healing magic spell.
  • When activated in conjunction with the job trait Divine Veil, status removal spells change from single target to AoE.
  • Functions with Poisona, Paralyna, Blindna, Silena, Cursna, Stona and Erase.
  • With the exception of Erase (party only), it is possible to cast a status heal onto someone else's party and have it become AoE for their party instead.
  • When combined with a powerful Curaga or Erase, it has the potential to accrue a dangerous amount of Enmity, similar to Benediction. Caution is advised when using such spells along with this ability, especially during early combat.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Divine Seal" <me>