Start NPC Trisvain: Northern San d'Oria (J-7)
Raving Opossum: Port Bastok (J-11)
Mimble-Pimble: Port Windurst (L-5)
Requirements Level 95+
All Ark Angels II battlefields completed on Normal or higher
Items Needed Key ItemPentacide Perpetrator phantom gem purchased for 30 merit points
Title Granted Pentarch Pacifier (VD only)
Repeatable Yes
Reward Rem's Tale Chapters 6-10
Plutons / Beitetsu / Riftborn Boulders
Battlefield spoils (see below)
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Ark Angels II
(all five battlefields completed on Normal or higher)

Divine Might II is the source of Rem's Tale Chapters 6-10 for Reforged Armor +1, synthesis materials for Reforged Armor +1, as well as high-Item Level equipment.

A Key ItemPentacide Perpetrator phantom gem is required to enter (all members must possess it, and all members lose it on entry). It can only be acquired by players level 95+ who have completed all of the Ark Angels II fights on NORMAL difficulty. The gem can be purchased from the following NPCs for 20 Merit Points:

Difficulties and Rem's Tale

The battlefields come in five difficulties:

Difficulty Content Level No. of Rem's Tale copies Acquired No. of Plutons/Beitetsu/Riftborn Boulders Acquired
Very Easy 113 2 0
Easy 116 2 2
Normal 119 4 2
Difficult Over 119 6 4
Very Difficult Over 119 8 4

DMII Battlefield

Bosses Entry Item Chapter Ru'Aun Gardens Home Point # Synthesis Drop Unique Drops
Ark Angel HM

Ark Angel EV
Ark Angel MR
Ark Angel GK
Ark Angel TT

Key ItemPentacide Perpetrator Phantom Gem Rem's Tale Chapter 6 (Head)

Rem's Tale Chapter 7 (Body)
Rem's Tale Chapter 8 (Hands)
Rem's Tale Chapter 9 (Legs)
Rem's Tale Chapter 10 (Feet)

HP #1 (H-4)

HP #2 (E-7)
HP #3 (F-11)
HP #4 (K-7)
HP #5 (J-11)
Any of the above 5 entry points are valid

Maliyakaleya Coral

(Used to craft Maliyakaleya Orb for head upgrade.)
Hepatizon Ore
(Used to craft Hepatizon Ingot for body upgrade.)
Beryllium Ore
(Used to craft Beryllium Ingot for hands upgrade.)
Exalted Log
(Used to craft Exalted Lumber for legs upgrade.)
Sif's Lock
(Used to craft Sif's Macrame for feet upgrade.)