Start NPC Abquhbah - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10)
Requirements Waking the Colossus completed
Items Needed Plumbago x3
Key ItemLightning Cell
Key ItemWhisper of radiance
Repeatable Yes
Reward Imperial Gold Piece
Choice of one of the following:
Alexander (Avatar for SMN 75+)
Colossus's Earring
Colossus's Torque
Colossus's Mantle
10,000 gil
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Waking the Colossus None


Side Note

  • It is possible to complete this quest with members who are on the Waking the Colossus quest that precedes this quest.

Friends To Help You

If you want someone to help you with this fight they MUST have the key item(s) as well to enter, doing so without it will result in you going in without them and the loss of your key item(s).

Game Description

Nashmeira (Throne Room, Imperial Ward)
The avatar of Alexander once again threatens to force its way through the spatial distortion in Nyzul. Procure a replacement power source from the Moblin Megomak and reactivate the colossus to send the extradimensional intruder back whence it came.