Divergence Weapons are a new type of endgame JSE Ultimate Weapons that have been introduced in the July 2018 Update and are specific to each job, similar to Mythic Weapons. They are currently named "Divergence Weapons" by the playerbase due to their materials being obtained from Dynamis-Divergence and their weaker Su4-Counterparts having bonuses that apply in Dynamis-Divergence only, similar to Relic Weapons. It's currently unclear whether they belong into the same category as RMEA-Weapons, but it currently seems they do, seeing as they will be getting Ultimate Augments in the future alongside the RMEA-Weapons and JSE Necks, making the new comprehensive name for Ultimate Weapons be either RMEAD- or DREAM-Weapons. All of this information might be changed though as soon as we get official names for them.

Currently, there are 22 types of Divergence Weapons, one for each job:

Job Divergence Weapon Ammo
Monk Sagitta
Puppetmaster Xiucoatl
Thief Gandring
Bard Barfawc
Corsair Rostam
Dancer Setan Kober
Red Mage Crocea Mors
Paladin Moralltach
Blue Mage Zomorrodnegar
Rune Fencer Morgelai
Beastmaster Pangu
Warrior Labraunda
Dark Knight Father Time
Dragoon Aram
Ninja Fudo Masamune
Samurai Fusenaikyo
White Mage Asclepius
Geomancer Bhima
Black Mage Kaumodaki
Summoner Draumstafir
Scholar Musa
Ranger Sharanga Scout's Bolt