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Scroll of Distract
RDM Lv.35
Teaches the black magic Distract.
Reduces target's physical evasion
The strength of the Evasion Down effect varies with a set minimum requirement on the caster's Enfeebling Magic skill to reach a base potency, further modulated by a difference between caster and target MND, using the following derived formula:

Evasion Down value = Base Value + int((Caster MND - Target MND) x 0.2)

The Enfeebling Magic skill required to reach the maximum Base Value of 25 is 125. The base value goes down the lower the caster's skill.[1]

Potency caps at ΔMND 50, for a total value of 35 Evasion Down.[2]

The effects of Saboteur and equipment that enhances Saboteur apply their bonuses to the Base Value of the formula.[3]

Equipment that has "Enfeebling magic effect+" bonuses apply their bonuses on top of the ΔMND value.

Magic Uses

Resale Price: 560~574 gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Black Magic ( )


19,600 gil


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